Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Firsova Tatyana G.

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доцент кафедры начального языкового и литературного образования

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Firsova T. G. Firsova T. G. Children’s Reading Acmeologist: to the Question of Tutorship for Readers’ Development
Firsova T. G. Conceptual Framework of «Pedagogical Skills of a Reading Acmeologist» Course Design
Firsova T. G. Axiological Concept of Reader’s Development in Primary Schoolchildren
Firsova T. G. The Correlation between the Empathic Potential and Literary Development of the Child-reader
Firsova T. G. Virtual Methodological Office as a Means of Developing Professional Competence of Future Teachers
Firsova T. G. 5th International Scientific Conference «Conflicts in the Modern World: International, State and Interpersonal Dimension»
Firsova T. G. A Teacher’s Culture of Reading as a Means of Humanizing Educational Environment
Akimenko A. K., Firsova T. G. XXV Strakhov Readings: Results of the All-Russian Scientific Conference
Aleksandrova E. A., Firsova T. G. Traditions and Innovations: International Forum “Humanization of the Educational Space – 2019”
Firsova T. G., Khamidulina V. A. Structural and Contextual Characteristics of Text Artistic Perception in Future Teachers
Cheremisinova L. I., Firsova T. G. Mastering the pedagogical potential of cultural and educational city environment: The experience of implementing project-based master’s degree programme
Firsova T. G. The use of memes in literature studies while training intending primary school teachers
Burmistrova M. N., Zinovieva M. P., Firsova T. G. Teacher’s digital competence as an indicator of the educational environment transformation as exemplified by the Saratov region
Firsova T. G., Shamionov R. M., Aleksandrova E. A., Selivanova Y. V. Scientific schools of the faculty of psychological, pedagogical and special needs education of Saratov State University: The diachronic aspect