Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Selivanova Yuliya V.

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Doctor of Sciences

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Selivanova Y. V., Maysnikova L. V. Resource Center as a Modern Model of Psychological, Educational and Social Support of Children with Disabilities
Selivanova Y. V. Sociocultural Integration and Special Education
Selivanova Y. V., Shipova L. V. Sociocultural Integration and Special Education (Results of the Conference)
Selivanova Y. V. Tendencies in Development of Special Education: Social and Cultural Approach
Solovieva O. V., Selivanova Y. V., Shchetinina E. B. Readiness of Children with Complex Impairments for School Education
Selivanova Y. V., Konovalova M. D. Special Education and Socio-Cultural Integration-2018: Results of the International Scientific Conference
Selivanova Y. V., Konovalova M. D. Accessible Environment for People with Disabilities: Technological and Social Contexts (Proceedings of the Western-European Scientific Conference)
Selivanova Y. V., Skvortsova V. O. Special Education and Socio-Cultural Integration – 2022: Traditions and Innovations (results of the scientifi c forum)
Firsova T. G., Shamionov R. M., Aleksandrova E. A., Selivanova Y. V. Scientific schools of the faculty of psychological, pedagogical and special needs education of Saratov State University: The diachronic aspect