Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Shamionov Rail M.

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Shamionov R. M. Representations about the Person of the Teacher in System of Professional Self-determination
Shamionov R. M. Psychological Аspects of Social Risks and Problem of Subjective Well-being of the Person
Shamionov R. M. Social Activity of Person and Risk
Shamionov R. M. Socialization and Resocialization of Persons: Standard and Processual
Shamionov R. M., Sotnikov A. E. Life Values and Social-Psychological Orientations at Various Stages of Lawyers’ Professional Socialization
Shamionov R. M. International Scientific and Practical Conference «Social Psychology of Personality and Acmeology»
Shamionov R. M. Social Psychology of Personality: Problems and Prospects
Shamionov R. M. Criteria of Subjective Personal Well-Being: Socio-Cultural Determinancy
Shamionov R. M., Sozonnik A. V. The Dynamics and Personal Predictors of Preferred Coping Strategies of Cadets of Military High School
Prozorov V. V., Shamionov R. M. A Person’s Socialization in the Light of the Concepts of Three Anthropological Dominants (Research Question Outline)
Shamionov R. M., Fedusenko A. V. Interrelationships between Subjective Values of Events Occurred in the Childhood and Socio-Psychological Attitudes
Shamionov R. M. Formation of Discriminatory Personal Attitudes in the Process of Socialization
Shamionov R. M., Grigorieva M. V. Interconnection between Discriminatory Attitudes of an Individual and Socio-Demographic Characteristics, Socio-Political and Socio-Economic Preferences
Shamionov R. M., Sorokin A. I. The Role of Military Identity, Values and Satisfaction with the Military Service in Responsibility Formation of Cadets
Elina Е. G., Shamionov R. M. Distance learning: New opportunities to replace learning on campus or an attempt to achieve acme in education
Shamionov R. M. Subjective well-being in its relation to various forms of activity of the student youth
Firsova T. G., Shamionov R. M., Aleksandrova E. A., Selivanova Y. V. Scientific schools of the faculty of psychological, pedagogical and special needs education of Saratov State University: The diachronic aspect