Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Aleksandrova Ekaterina A.

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Doctor of Sciences

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Aleksandrova E. A. Formation of the picture of the world of the child and his pedagogical support
Aleksandrova E. A. Theory and Practice of Tutoring in Russia
Aleksandrova E. A., Bogacheva E. A. Optimization of Life Quality for University Students Provided by the Tutor
Aleksandrova E. A. Social and Cultural Conditions and Factors of Variative Educational Work in Situation of Education Standardization
Aleksandrova E. A. Uniform Educational Environment as a Factor of Students’ Socialization
Aleksandrova E. A. . International Scientific Conference «Humanization of Educational Space»
Aleksandrova E. A., Baranauskiene I. Strategies for Building a Parenting Environment and Parenting Methods for the Younger Generation
Aleksandrova E. A. Humanization of Educational Space: Results of the International Scientific Conference
Aleksandrova E. A. Humanization of Educational Space: Chronicles of the International Forum
Elina Е. G., Aleksandrova E. A. New Forms of Interaction with Students: the Scientific and Educational Festival «The Week of Pedagogical Education» in Saratov State University
Aleksandrova E. A., Firsova T. G. Traditions and Innovations: International Forum “Humanization of the Educational Space – 2019”
Aleksandrova E. A., Akhmetov S. I., Attia M. R. Advantages and Directions of Electronic Interaction in Web-Learning
Aleksandrova E. A. Forum “Humanization of the Learning Environment” as a platform for raising awareness among young teachers and students majoring in teaching about their role in students’ personal development
Firsova T. G., Shamionov R. M., Aleksandrova E. A., Selivanova Y. V. Scientific schools of the faculty of psychological, pedagogical and special needs education of Saratov State University: The diachronic aspect
Aleksandrova E. A., Shustova L. Р., Danilov S. V. Review of the problem field of the IV All-Russian (with international participation) scientifi c conference “A new generation of professionals in education: Personal development based on the integration of values”