Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Shustova Lyubov Р.

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Начальник отдела перспективных исследований и проектов

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Shustova L. Р. Pedagogical Personnel’s Gender Edication
Gritsenko V. V., Shustova L. Р., Nikitina O. G. Personal Upbringing under Conditions of Additional Education Based on Polycultural Approach
Lukjanova M. I., Shustova L. Р., Danilov S. V. Development of Teachers’ Competence in the Context of Modern Scientific Approaches to the Innovative Activity of Educational Organizations
Danilov S. V., Shustova L. Р., Kuznetsova N. I. Teachers’ Difficulties in the Period of Adaptation to Professional Activities
Shustova L. Р. Peculiarity of Subcultures of Young Males and Females in Russian Town
Shustova L. Р., Danilov S. V., Glebova Z. V. Developing young teachers’ motivation for success through a professional skills competition
Shustova L. Р., Danilov S. V., Bodina N. S., Chenakina, A. G. Social and cultural practices as a means of self-actualization of students of the supplementary education institutions
Shustova L. Р., Kamaeva K. V., Faizrakhmanov A. P. Modeling the learning environment of a cadet boarding school as a potential for self-realization of pupils
Shustova L. Р., Danilov S. V. Trends in gender studies in the fi eld of physical education and sports
Aleksandrova E. A., Shustova L. Р., Danilov S. V. Review of the problem field of the IV All-Russian (with international participation) scientifi c conference “A new generation of professionals in education: Personal development based on the integration of values”