Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Grigorieva Marina V.

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Doctor of Sciences

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Grigorieva M. V. Emotional Processes and Conditions in System of Dynamical Interactions of the Pupils and the Educational Environment
Grigorieva M. V. The Concept of “Educational Environment” and Models of Educational Media in the Modern National Educational Psychology
Grigorieva M. V. Psychology of Interactions of the Schoolboy and the Educational Environment
Grigorieva M. V. Methodology for the Evaluation of Risks Ecopsychological Inconsistencies in the System of Pupil Interactions and Learning Environment
Grigorieva M. V. Ecopsychology and social riskology
Grigorieva M. V. The Role of the Adaptive Abilities of Students in the Process of Interaction with the Educational Environment
Grigorieva M. V. Social Representations of the Norms and Values of the Youth Representatives of Different Generations
Grigorieva M. V. Creative Activity and Self-Realization of Young Adult’s Personality
Grigorieva M. V., Semina A. V. Role of Empathy in the Process of Students’ Social and Psychological Adaptation to Higher Educational Institution Environment
Grigorieva M. V., Lokatkov O. N. Structure of Psychological Readiness of Comprehensive School Graduates for Interaction with University Educational Environment
Grigorieva M. V. Concept Apparatus in Psychology of Personality’s Adaptation
Grigorieva M. V. Types of Adaptive Personality Readiness in the School Learning Environment
Shamionov R. M., Grigorieva M. V. Interconnection between Discriminatory Attitudes of an Individual and Socio-Demographic Characteristics, Socio-Political and Socio-Economic Preferences