Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Arendachuk Irina V.

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Arendachuk I. V. Individually-psychological Factors of Success of the Person in Scientific and Pedagogical Activity
Arendachuk I. V. Professional Activity of the Teacher in the System of the Higher Education: the Psychological Aspect
Arendachuk I. V. Role of Motivation of Activity in Formation of Professionalism of the Person
Arendachuk I. V. The System Psychological Analysis of Risks of Professional Activity
Arendachuk I. V. Psychological Structure of Professional Risks in Education: Motivational-Volitional Component
Arendachuk I. V. Professional and Personal Development and Success as Factors of Minimization of Risks in Activity of the Teacher of Higher School
Arendachuk I. V. The Teacher of the Higher School as Agentof Socialization Personality of the Student
Arendachuk I. V. Professional Self-Determination of High School Students under Different Socialization Conditions
Arendachuk I. V. Professional Socialization of a University Student’s Personality within Diachronic Aproach Context
Arendachuk I. V. Psychological Risks of Higher Education Institution’s Educational Environment
Arendachuk I. V. Stages of Development of Personal Adaptational Readiness for Educational Environment Risks
Arendachuk I. V. Acmeological Competence of Personality as a Factor of Psychological Readiness to Risk
Arendachuk I. V. Personal Potential and Socio-Psychological Adaptation as a Resource of Psychological Readiness to Take Risks
Arendachuk I. V. Risks of Professional Self-Determination of Senior Pupils: Psychological and Pedagogical Aspects
Arendachuk I. V. Motivational Readiness of Law Students for Future Professional Work
Arendachuk I. V. Structural and Functional Approach to the Process of Identity Formation
Arendachuk I. V. Self-Esteem and Self-Concept as Factors of Interpersonal Relations among Teenagers
Arendachuk I. V. Peculiarities of Professional Self-Determination of Students at the Stage of Preparation for Subject Oriented Training
Arendachuk I. V. Value-based Meaningful Factors of Social Activity of Youth under Different Conditions of Life Activities
Arendachuk I. V. Activity Characteristics of Social Activity in Young People Belonging to Different Age Groups
Arendachuk I. V., Usova N. V., Klenova M. A. Educational and developmental activity of high school students under COVID-19 restrictions
Arendachuk I. V., Klenova M. A. Risk management technologies in the development of social activity of the youth
Arendachuk I. V., Usova N. V. Psychological and pedagogical support of youths when developing their competence in the social activity manifestation
Arendachuk I. V. Personality traits of a modern leader as seen by students