Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Klenova Milena A.

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The Relationships between the Dominant Coping Strategies and Accentuation of Personality Traits Among Teachers
Ananiev Readings-2017. Continuity in Psychological Science: V. M. Bekhterev, B. G. Ananiev, B. F. Lomov (Proceeds of the International Scientific Conference)
Dynamics of Development of Emotional Intelligence in University Students
Theoretical Prerequisites for the Study of Discriminatory Attitudes of the Personal in the Changing Society
Problems and Perspectives of the Study of Young People’s Social Activity
Ethnic Specificity of Discriminatory Attitudes
International Scientific Conference “Strakhov Readings – 2019: Positive Psychology of Personality and Group”
Conditions for Overcoming Discriminatory Affirmations in Modern Society
Motivation of protest and socio-political activity of an individual and its potential in the system of life-purpose orientations
Strakhov Readings – 2021: International Scientific Conference
Interconnection between Characteristics of Subjective Well-being and Ideas about Risk in Representatives of Ethnic Groups
Interconnection between Socialization, Subjective Well-Being, and Readiness to Risk in Representatives of «Emo» Subculture
Social Perseptions of Stress in Different Age Groups
Peculiarities of Choosing Coping Behavior Strategies in Males and Females
Individual and Psychological Features of Tendency to the Stress of Men and Women
Level of Trust and Risky Behavior Motivation in Representatives of the Youth Emo Subculture Group
Protest Activity and its Psychological Content in the Context of Young People’s Socio-Political Activity
Educational and developmental activity of high school students under COVID-19 restrictions
Personal creativity and motivation of achievement, as components of readiness for risk
Ethnopsychological features of readiness for risk