Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Vagapova Alfiya R.

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Vagapova A. R. Intersexual Differences in the Ratio of Semantic Characteristics of “Family” and “Social Success” Values at Youthful Age
Vagapova A. R. Ecopsychological characteristics of the first-year students adaptation process to the educational environment of university
Vagapova A. R. Studying of Interrelation of the Success of Leading Activity and Strategy of Social Adaptation Graduates of Schools
Vagapova A. R. Parental Attitudes to Family Formation and Adaptation of Readiness of the Graduate School
Vagapova A. R. Perceptions of Professional Future as a Factor of Adaptation Readiness to the Professional Activity among Psychology Students
Vagapova A. R. Socio-Psychological Aspects of Leading the Processes of Intended Socialization of Youth
Vagapova A. R. Social and Psychological Characteristics of Conflictive Interaction in Married Couples
Vagapova A. R., Truskovskaya A. I. The Role of Family in Professional Self-Determination of Psychology Students
Vagapova A. R., Perova S. A. Identity and Satisfaction with Marriage in Married Families
Vagapova A. R. Image of Maternity and Paternity and Parental Attitudes in the Youth
Vagapova A. R. Modern Socio-Political Phenomena in Perception of Different Age Groups
Vagapova A. R., Bolbot T. L. Adaptation Readiness of First Graders in Estimates of Participants of Educational Process
Vagapova A. R. Attitude to Politico-Social Phenomena and Satisfaction with Life in Representatives of Different Ethnic Groups
Vagapova A. R. Adaptive Readiness of Elementary and High School Students According to the Evaluation of Educational Process Participants
Vagapova A. R. Socio-political Peculiarities and Quality of Life Evaluation Among Ethnic
Vagapova A. R. Correlation of Subjective Well-Being and Socio-Political Representation of Ethnic Groups
Vagapova A. R., Es’kina E. S. Adaptive Readiness of Secondary School Students
Vagapova A. R. Students’ Preferred Leisure Activities
Vagapova A. R. Presentation of Professionally Important Qualities of the Counselor by Students with Different Levels of Empathic Abilities
Vagapova A. R. Problem of Adaptable Readiness of the Person: Results of the Scientific and Practical Workshop
Vagapova A. R. Adaptability Readiness of the Schoolchild: Results of the Scientific and Practical Workshop
Vagapova A. R., Markelova A. Y. Peculiars of the Parental Position in Families of Different Types
Vagapova A. R. Book Review Book Review: Psychology of young people’s social activity. Under the editorship of Rail Munirovich Shamionov. Moscow, Publishing house “Pero”, 2020. 200 pages. 1,9 Mb [Electronic publication]
Vagapova A. R. Book Review: Shamionov R. M., Bocharova E. E., Beskova T. V., Grigorieva M. V., Usova N. V., Klenova M. A., Tarasova L. E. Discriminatory Attitudes in the Modern World
Vagapova A. R., Klenova M. A. Development of positive thinking of students as a means of preventing suicidal behaviour: Based on the results of the round table meeting