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Bocharova Elena E.

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Bocharova E. E. Representations about Education of Learning Youth
Afonkina Y. A., Bocharova E. E., Mikhaylina M. Y., Sagitova V. R. To a Problem of Psychological Education: from Experience of the International Interaction of the Russian and European Psychologists
Bocharova E. E. Readiness for Risk as Personal Potential of Subject Regulation
Bocharova E. E. Valuable Preferences of Youth in Representations of Various Social Groups
Bocharova E. E. Structural Organization of Personal Self-Regulation in Correlation with Student’s Success in Educational Activity
Bocharova E. E. Universal and Culture-Specific Peculiarities of Interconnection Between Social Activity and Personal Subjective Well-Being
Bocharova E. E. Temporal Perspective in Students with Different Levels of Adaptational Readiness
Bocharova E. E. Personal Ethnic and Civil Identity in Representatives of Various Ethnic Groups
Bocharova E. E. Social Psychology of Personality and Acmeology
Bocharova E. E. Adaptation Readiness of Personality to Situations of Social Changes
Bocharova E. E. Modern Research Trends in the Sphere of Ethno-Psychology of Subjective Well-Being
Bocharova E. E. Conscience in the Perception of Student Youth
Bocharova E. E. Moral Orientation and Subjective Well-Being of Young People from Different Ethnic Groups
Bocharova E. E. Ethnopsychological Peculiarities of the Structural Organization of Subjective Well-Being (a Case Study of Ethnic Groups of the Saratov Volga Region)
Bocharova E. E. Time Prospective of Senior High School Students with Different Levels of Subjective Control
Bocharova E. E. Satisfaction with their Profession in Urban and Rural High-School Teachers
Bocharova E. E. Regulatory and Worldview Factors of Various Forms of Social Activity of Young People
Bocharova E. E. Structural Peculiarity of Discriminatory Attitudes of the Personality
Bocharova E. E. Cultural and Historical Determination Factors for the Young People’s Social Activity Direction
Bocharova E. E., Klenova M. A. International Scientific Conference “Strakhov Readings – 2019: Positive Psychology of Personality and Group”
Bocharova E. E. Interrelation between Discriminatory Attitudes and Characteristics of Life Satisfaction, Happiness in Young People
Bocharova E. E. Relationship between Perfectionism and Forms of Social Activity among Youth of Different Age Groups
Bocharova E. E. Ethical and psychological factors of social activity of modern young people