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Теоретико-методологические подходы к исследованию развития психики

Academic and Practical Psychology: Search for the Ways of Mutual Understanding and Cooperation

The article discusses the issue of the relationship between the academic psychology and psychology practice. It is argued that the mismatch (gap) between the academic psychology and psychology practice is normal and natural. In scientific psychology going rivalry between naturalistic and hermeneutic paradigms. The author analyzes the current state of scientific psychology.

Anthropological Status of Modern Psychological Knowledge

The article proves the necessity to harmonize Christian, psychological, and pedagogical anthropology. Due to anthropological paradigm in the systems of humanities they proved the necessity to distinguish three types of psychological knowledge: psychology of the mind, human psychology, and Orthodox (Christian) psychology – psychology of life path. Such distinction between systems of psychological knowledge allows discussing the problem of proper construction of the hierarchy in human reality.

Eco-Psychological Prerequisites for Studying Psychological Activity

The author suggests using eco-psychological approach to psyche’s development in order to overcome methodological barriers in the course of studying the emergence of psychological phenomena. The article lists the basic types of eco-psychological interactions, demonstrates the possibilities of their utilization for analysis of gnoseological and onthological paradigms of psychological investigation. The article describes seven stages of establishment of subjectness.

Terra incognita of vitality problem: Open issues. Part 2

The relevance of studying resilience is among other things conditioned by faster evolution of social objects, increase in general uncertainty, lack of stability, complexity and ambiguity of the dynamics of their state, which, in their turn, lead to an increase in the requirements for adaptation mechanisms of an individual and social groups (families, collectives, sports teams, managerial or project teams); the importance of an individual’s socio-psychological and psychological resources is increasing.

Теоретические основы структурных компонентов и детерминант ролевого взаимодействия курсантов: метасистемный подход

The relevance of the study is conditioned by changes taking place in the Russian Armed Forces, which are associated with the growth of military conflicts, with reforms and reorganizations in the structure of the National Guard, etc. Therefore, it imposes certain requirements on the professional training of the military personnel of the National Guard, who must fulfill several roles simultaneously and harmoniously integrate them into within their personality.

Terra incognita of vitality problem: Open issues. Part 1

The increase of uncertainty, instability, complexity, ambiguity of the dynamics of the condition of social subjects are among the issues that make vitality problem topical. This results in higher standards for adaptation mechanisms of an individual and social groups (families, work groups, sports, management, project teams) and greater importance of socio-psychological and psychological resources of a person.

Transformation of the cognitive sphere of “digital generation” children: Experience analysis

The article studies the problem of changes in the cognitive sphere of children and adolescents of the digital generation – “generation Z” – in the context of influence of socio-cultural processes and digital technologies on the human psyche. We analyse data and models of changes in perception, thinking, memory and attention in the process of transformation of the socio-cultural situation. Arguments are given in favor of the standpoint emphasizing the ambiguous nature of the influence of digital technologies on the cognitive development of a modern person.

Socio-political and civil activity of young people: Between massification and individualization

The purpose of the study presented in the article is a theoretical analysis of socio-political and civic activity of young people in the context of processes of individualization and massification as contradictory but interdependent trends in the development of modern society. The relevance of the study is supported by the need for scientific understanding of conditions under which the formation of social and political subjectivity of young people and their choice of these types of activity take place.

Conditions for Overcoming Discriminatory Affirmations in Modern Society

The relevance of the study is conditioned by the necessity for formation of theoretical and practical knowledge and technologies that allow to analyze the conditions for overcoming discriminatory affirmations in modern society. The purpose of the research presented in the article is to analyze systematically the conditions for overcoming discriminatory affirmations in modern society.

Measuring Cyber Aggression: Development of Russian Version of CYBA Questionnaire

The purpose of the study presented in the article is to adapt and validate the CYBA questionnaire (Cyber-aggression Questionnaire for Adolescents, D. ?lvarez-Garc?a et al.) on a Russian sample. Validation of the Russian version of the questionnaire included the following psychometric procedures: assessment of obvious and substantive validity (method of expert estimates with calculation of Kendall concordance coefficient), refinement of the structure (exploratory factor analysis with equimax rotation), verification of internal consistency (calculation of ?