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Теоретико-методологические подходы к исследованию развития психики

Коллективизм и гражданственность в социальном взаимодействии российского работника

Аннотация. Актуальность исследования состоит в обсуждении понятий коллективизма и гражданственности как феноменов социального взаимодействия работника, что имеет существенное значение как для социальной, так и для организационной психологии. Цель: состоит в обосновании модели социального взаимодействия работника, в которой коллективизм и гражданственность выступают в качестве феноменов социального взаимодействия. Основные результаты: в предложенной модели коллективизм работника понимается как ориентация работника на удовлетворение интересов партнера по взаимодействию.

Field research: Problem, tasks, opportunities. Part 1

For more than a century, the state of psychology has been characterized as a crisis (crisis of methodology). The present state of the social objects, which serve as the research subjects for us, is characterized by increasing dynamism and variability. The current state, as refl ected in its typical objects and conditions of conducting scientifi c research and practice work by ordinary researchers, often remains out of the attention span of methodologists and historians of science.

Social and psychological determinants of an individual’s attitude to unmanned transport

The relevance of the study is due to the fact that the technology of unmanned transport is being tested more and more actively and is gradually introduced into our lives promising various advantages. Meanwhile, it is stated that an unmanned vehicle causes distrust, unlike a driver-driven vehicle. The purpose of the study is to conduct a theoretical review of Russian and foreign literature in the fi eld of studying people’s attitudes to innovative technologies and to identify the social and psychological determinants of the individual’s attitude to unmanned vehicles.

Personal Determinants of Decision-Making Process in a Situation of Moral Choice

The process of influence of personal determinant (the generated motives, valuable orientations and requirements) on decision-making in a situation of moral choice is considered in the article. Th

Social Conception about Friendship in Different Age Groups

Social conception of friendship is considered in the article. Contrastive analysis of ideas of friendship in different age groups is given. The causes of age differences in friendly relations are analyzed.

Parity of the Self-Relation and Characteristics of Success of the Person of the Social Worker in the Course of Professional Socialisation

In article the self-relation and characteristics of success of the person of the social worker in the course of professional socialisationis considered. The description of the self-relation, success in interdependence and interference in the course of professional socialisationis given. It is underlined, that the relation to success of the trade can influence the self-relation in the same degree, as well as the self-relation can influence emotionally-estimated characteristics of success.

Interrelation of Valuable Orientations of the Person and its Propensity to Envy

The article contains the results of empirical research in revealing of inter-functional communications of the value orientations with the general level of own envy, with envy to purchases, achievements, qualities (in 17 subjects). It points out four groups of values depending on the character of interrelations of significant/accessible values with envy. The interrelation between a mismatch indicator in motivational-personal sphere and envy is found out.

Choice Vital Position and Gendr Orientation of Studrnts

Research results of main determinants and activity variants with gender distinction singling out are presented here. We expound aspects and views of individual qualities, their effectiveness on the base of the youth and students gender purposefulness analyses.

Role of Motivation of Activity in Formation of Professionalism of the Person

The motivation of activity directed on achievement of professional success is considered as a necessary condition of professionalism formation of the person. It is shown, that domination being-motives defines aspiration teachers of the higher school to self-realization. Thus as regulators of their professional behavior altruism and orientation to freedom in the pedagogical activity, shown in independence act at planning and achievement of the purposes.

Psycholinguistic Analysis of Errors which Appear in the Process of Foreign Language Learning

In the article psycholinguistic classification of errors which appear in the process of foreign language learning (on an example of English language) is discussed. The reasons of occurrence of errors, ways of their elimination and occurrence preventive maintenance in speech are analyzed. Also the role of linguistic attention in regulation of the specified processes at various stages of interlanguage is considered.