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Педагогика развития и сотрудничества

Gender Approach in Education: View at the Problem

The article gives the definitions to the concepts “gender”, “gender approach” from the points of view of different science fields representatives: philosophy, psychology, pedagogics. The importance of gender approach realization for the modern educational system is revealed making it possible to think of the necessity of gender approach realization as an integral part of educational process organization. 

Pedagogicai Assistence of Senior Students Social Selfdetermination

In the article the notion of the social selfdetermination is exposed, the experimental work with the children and their parents on the basis of Orichi secondary school № 1 (Kirov region) is analysed. The author pays attention on the necessity of search ways of raising of successfulness of pedagogical influence for the achievement of social selfdetermination of senior students by changing of approaches, forms and methods of work with parents.

Competent Approach and Problem s of its Realization

In the article the modern level of theoretical development of the competence approach in Russian pedagogic is analyzed; possible ways of its practical embodiment are discussed.

Influence of the Research Activity on the Students Self-Affirmation

This article analyzes the conditions as well as goals and objectives for the research activity within the learning process in a secondary school. Author examines research activity as a means of students’ self-affirmation and notes its positive impact.

Continuous Education: Historical Aspects and Modern Codition of the Problem

In article are stated historical aspects of education and a stage of development of the concept of continuous education, a problem and prospect of formation of modern continuous education with the account of three positions of its origin. Realisation of the concept of the substantial-structural approach to construction of system of the continuous education, providing integrity and a development continuity competences is considered.

To the Question about Emotional Intelligence

There is the history of such concept, as emotional intelligence, and also positions of scientists concerning formation of this new phenomenon of pedagogy in the article. The theoretical analysis of its basic models is given. It is noticed that development of emotional intelligence of children is represented to the extremely important and actual in a context of a modern society.

Theoretical Aspects of “Selfrelation” Problems

 In this article three approaches of the deterrmination of the term “selfattitude” are taken up. They are philosophical, psychological, and pedagogical theoretical approaches of this term.

Pedagogical Problem of Formation of Design Culture in the Conditions of Formation of Civil Servants

In article results of research of a phenomenon of design culture of the person of the civil servant are described: his essence, the maintenance and structure. The components making given integraiting property of the person are considered: motive-valuable, emotional, active-behavioural and reflective.

Psychopedagogical Aspects of the Organized Educational Situation

In article are discussed psychopedagogical aspects of the organized educational situation. Psychological consequences of different variants of end of educational situations.

Humanistic Paradigm of Modern Education: the Theory and Practice

In article the humanistic paradigm of modern education is submitted: the theory and practice, problems and prospects. Realization of the concept of transition from the fact educational activity of the teacher to from sense can be considered as a strategic direction of development of educational activity of the teacher.