Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Педагогика развития и сотрудничества

Concept and essence of academic mobility of students: theoretical bases

The article discusses theoretical bases of students’ academic mobility. The concept of a phenomenon academic mobility is specified. The author describes kinds of students’ academic mobility, reveals the peculiarities of their organization at high schools. The analysis of tasks on students’ academic mobility organization, facing Russian high school is resulted.

Education paradigm in information-oriented society

The article covers the role of knowledge as a value in information-oriented society. The author defines implications of education system modernization, and characterizes personal-oriented education paradigm as most suitable for information-oriented society. The conclusion of development personal characteristics through obtaining universal knowledge is drawn.

Educational aims in the sphere of christian outlook

The author attempts to define concretely the ideas of complete education in the aspect of anthropic matrix’s educational purposes and results in this article. The basis of theoretical construction caused ontological foundations of human’s method and life-style. On this basis has been built a five-level structure of normalized and non- normalized educational aims, is realized the correlation of psychological anthropology and holily-paternel traditions with the issue on understanding the hot-button problems of pedagogical activity.


В статье предпринята попытка конкретизации идеи полного образования в виде антропологической матрицы образовательных целей и результатов. Фундаментом теоретической конструкции послужили онтологические основания человеческого способа и образа жизни. На этой основе выстроена пятиуровневая структура нормированных и ненормированных образовательных целей, осуществлено соотнесение психологической антропологии и святоотеческой традиции с выходом на осмысление злободневных проблем педагогической деятельности.

Perception of risks connected with rest in summer children's camp by teenagers and parents

The article substantiates that children's summer camp can be considered as an object of high risk. The risks meeting in its educational environment are considered. The author presents experimental research materials on revealing of features of perception of the risks connected with summer children's camp, teenagers and parents.

To a question on decrease in psihologo-pedagogical risks in cooperation of the teacher with a family of the schoolboy

In article results of the analysis of negative factors of family education, the analysis of the reasons of difficulties in interaction of teachers and parents are presented. Principles of cooperation of the teacher with a family of the schoolboy and connected with the given kind of professional work psihologo-pedagogical risks are considered.

Social-pedagogical Risks: neglect and abandonment Minors

Currently in Russia formed the conditions for the growth of neglect and abandonment of children and adolescents. These phenomena become significant social-pedagogical risks not only to socialize a specific person, but for the development of society. Must appeal to the nature and causes of the problem.

Social — pedagogical risks Formations of Child's Social Experience

The article deals with the problem of socio-pedagogical risks of a child's social experience formation. The phenomenon of social experience in the aspect of childhood socialization is considered.

Risk factors in intercultural communication

In artical risk factors in intercultural communicationfre considered. Definition of risk factors was spend on liading position about typology of cultures.

Профессиональное саморазвитие будущих учителей технологии как актуальная проблема в процессе их подготовки

Актуальность. Статья посвящена рассмотрению профессионального саморазвития будущих учителей технологии как актуальной проблеме в период их подготовки в вузе.
Цель: определить важность и значимость профессионального саморазвития для будущих учителей технологии в период подготовки в вузе на основе анализа нормативных документов, исследований ученых, результатов анкетирования студентов, что позволяет сделать вывод об актуальности рассматриваемой проблемы.