Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Психология социального развития

Лицензионный договор к статье: «Теоретические подходы к изучению феномена субъективного благополучия».

Актуальность рассмотрения теоретических подходов к изучению феномена субъективного благополучия исходит из необходимости «примирить» различные точки зрения, позиции относительно изучения данного явления на основе комплексного подхода. Изучение данной проблематики несмотря на большое количество теоретических изысканий, остаётся актуальной и всё больше интересует исследователей преимущественно в его практическом аспекте.

The specificity of subjective well-being web-designers

The article presents the results of a theoretical analysis of the problem of subjective well-being web-designers. Analysis to be different factors affecting the specificity of the formation of a state of «satisfaction of labor."

The expectations of teachers and school administrators about the process and result of school psychologists

The paper presents an analysis of the results of psychological surveys of teachers and school administrators, allowing them to reveal the content of expectations about the activities of educational psychologists.

About Interrelation of an Individual’s Subjective Well-being and the Family Relations

In the article some features of interdependence of children’s subjective well-being’s components with the family’s upbringing style and their parents’ satisfaction with the marriage are analyzed.

The relation to extremism and socially-psychological characteristics of students and pupils

In article results of the analysis of a phenomenon of extremism, as socially-psychological phenomenon are presented. Results of research of communication between socially-psychological characteristics and the relation to displays of extremism at students of high school and pupils of school are resulted.

Ethnopsychological features of readiness for risk

In this article psychological features of readiness for risk of Germans of the Volga region and Russian are considered. Dependence of readiness for risk on specificity of substantial characteristics of identity of the person of Germans and Russian is analyzed.

environmental risks, the objects of environmental risk, risks to environment, risks to humans, evaluation of objects of ecological risk

This article presents materials of empirical research. It is shown that decision making training of teenagers in educational ecological situations leads to the convergence of their views about the objects of environmental risks that are relevant to humans and nature.

Interrelation of representations about social success and characteristics envy persons of the student

In to become research approaches of domestic scientists to studying of pressing questions of social success and envy of the person are analyzed. The description of empirical research of interrelations of characteristics of social success and envy is given to the person of the student where reveal, what categories of social success form envy persons of the student at the given historical stage.

Psychological portrait of the modern studen’ s person (a regional sight)

This article is considered a certain cut of a student's life, during all period of the training in the high school to understand a problems of a student's life from the point of view of students, and also «to see» a portrait of the modern student: their vital purposes and values, their ideals and priorities, the attitude to the various parties of a modern life.