Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Interrelationships between Subjective Values of Events Occurred in the Childhood and Socio-Psychological Attitudes

The paper provides theoretical analysis of the problem of interrelationships between childhood experiences and socio-psychological attitudes of a person. It presents the results of the empirical study, carried out on a sample of people (from 18 to 30 years old), including students of institutions of higher education, software engineers, bank employees, teachers and representatives of other professions, using the following psycho-dynamical instruments: «Diagnostics of sociopsychological attitudes of a person in the motivational-need sphere» (O. F.

Personal Characteristics as Predictors of Subjective Well-Being of a Person with Diverse Employment Status

The paper shows the results of an empirical study of personal characteristics as predictors of subjective well-being of a person with diverse employment status carried out on a sample of temporarily unemployed people registered at the Engels employment center and unemployed (N=362, 19–63 years old, using following diagnostic tools: the scale of psychological well-being (K. Ryff in adaptation of L. V. Zhukovskaya and E. G. Troshikhina), the scale of life satisfaction (E. Diener in adaptation of D. A. Leontiev and E. N.

Professional Socialization of an Individual in the Process of Subject-Oriented Education

The paper presents the results of theoretical and methodological analysis of a problem of youth early socialization and the major role of professional community to provide socialization in contemporary environment. The authors support the idea of necessity to move towards cross-disciplinary and convergent education based on the implementation of the subject-oriented approach, referring to discussion of implementation of continuation of technological and competence-based approaches in education.

Adaptive Readiness of Secondary School Students

This article presents the results of theoretical and long-term empirical study of adaptive readiness of secondary school students. Students (N = 83) and class teachers (N = 3) participated in the longitudinal study. The use of the following complexes of psychological and pedagogical instruments allowed to study the dynamics of adaptive readiness of students with initially high and low levels: «Chart of monitoring students’ adaptiveness and effectiveness of their learning activities» by E. S. Eskina, T. L. Bolbot, «Intellectual abilities test for children» by K.

Socialization of the Individual as a Factor in the Reform of School Education in Russia

The paper considers the problem of socialization in the aspect of the reform of school education in Russia. The estimation is given of the national public education paradigm and its focus on the socialization of the individual student. It is pointed out that the limited activity of the modern school education only leads to difficultiesin the process of socialization of the child.

Fundamental Convictions, Personality and Person's Social Maturity

This article covers interlinks between person’s social maturity and fundamental convictions. It is shown that in the course of social maturation, positive base philosophy (inherent to lower forms) along with low activity change to a more realistic picture of the world and high level of creative and intellectual activity.

Рersonality, Creativity, Self-realization

This article is devoted to analysis of the categories of creativity, personality, psychology, selfactualization, ratios, real and demonstrative I man. This article describes the author’s understanding of creativity as a transpersonal phenomenon, self-realization as go beyond their limitations.