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Social Psychology of Personality: Problems and Prospects

The article covers peculiarities of social psychology of the modern personality object field. We emphasize the necessity of bringing together various approaches to analysis of a personality as a representative of social groups. We pose a number of problems of current importance, which are to be solved with the help of the inter-disciplinary analysis. Special focus is set on the problems of socialization and its effects, subjective well-being, social activity and self-determination of a personality.

Anthropological Status of Modern Psychological Knowledge

The article proves the necessity to harmonize Christian, psychological, and pedagogical anthropology. Due to anthropological paradigm in the systems of humanities they proved the necessity to distinguish three types of psychological knowledge: psychology of the mind, human psychology, and Orthodox (Christian) psychology – psychology of life path. Such distinction between systems of psychological knowledge allows discussing the problem of proper construction of the hierarchy in human reality.

Social and Psychological Characteristics of Conflictive Interaction in Married Couples

The article analyzes theoretical approaches to understanding the problem of conflictive interaction in married couples. There is a connection between personality and strategy of behavior in problematic situations between spouses. We studied the conformity of role expectations of spouses with different strategies of behavior in family conflict, different family histories of parent family and character of matrimonial interaction in conflict. The study is based on a sample, which includes 60 respondents (30 women and 30 men aged 18–30).

Axiological Structure of Personality and Non-normative Speech Behavior

The article shows results of the empirical study of axiological structure in correlation to non-normative speech behavior, which has been made on a proportionally matched sample of youth with normative and non-normative speech behavior. Within the framework of the study, we used methods for studying personal values by S. Schwartz and U. Bilski, adapted by V. N. Karandyshev, original questionnaire for studying inclination to non-normative speech behavior, and methods of comparative and correlative analysis.

Temporal Perspective in Students with Different Levels of Adaptational Readiness

The article presents theoretical analysis data regarding the problem of temporal perspective in correlation to adaptational readiness of a student’s personality. Time perspective reflects future goals, personality values, as well as the level of personality’s subjectness. Susceptibility of personal time perspective parameters to the impact of social situation in life of a concrete subject dramatically increases during the periods of social and economic crises, as well as during the most significant life contexts of a personality.

Creative Activity and Self-Realization of Young Adult’s Personality

The article presents the results of theoretical and empirical research of creative activity and its role in the formation of young adult personality’s self-actualization. Application of psycho-diagnostic toolset («Sociometry» method, «Intellectual liability» test modified by S. N. Kostromina, A. Ya. Varg’s and V. V. Stolin’s method for diagnostics of parents’ attitude, method for diagnosing interpersonal relations by T.

Interconnection between Characteristics of Subjective Well-being and Ideas about Risk in Representatives of Ethnic Groups

The article presents results of theoretical and empirical study on interconnection between ideas about risk and characteristics about subjective well-being in representatives of various ethnic groups: Volga Germans and Russians (n = 170 people, 90 males and 80 females aged 18 to 55 y.o.). utilization of M. V.

The Relationship of Social Representations about the World and Life Orientations in Different Conditions of Socialization of Young People

The features of the system-diachronic approach to the analysis of the various conditions of socialization. Presented by the study of social representations about the world and life orientations in different conditions of socialization of young people. Good prospects for the study of social representations about the world and life orientations, depending on the conditions of socialization. Identified and described nuclear components influence life orientations to represent the youth of the world.

About Professional and Personal Self-Determination of a Teacher in the Multy-Paradigmal Space of Pedagogical Reality

The article covers the author’s understanding of professional and personal self-determination as a continuous, dynamic process that characterizes the entire path of becoming a professional. We show that professional growth of a person is connected with his constant acquisition of a higher level of self-appraisal as an expert and comprehension of his ideals. It is noted that paradigmatic multiplicity of pedagogical reality raises the necessity of free and responsible choice of professional values, ways of teaching for a modern teacher.

Socio-Psychological Aspects of Leading the Processes of Intended Socialization of Youth

The article discusses the problem of intended socialization of youth. It offers the data of psychological approaches (Gabriel Tarde, V. S. Mukhina, A. V. Petrovsky) that lie at the foundation of analysis of essence and mechanisms of socialization mechanisms. We singled out the main directions of work aimed at accompanying: professional self-determination, adaptation process in institutions of higher education, establishment of professional competences.