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Individual psychological prerequisites for self-realization of IT specialists

The relevance of the study is due to the poor development of the problem of professional self-realization of IT specialists. The specifi city of the professional activity of this category of employees imposes special requirements on their individual psychological characteristics, which ensure the success of self-realization of specialists engaged in information and computer activities. Purpose: to identify the specifi cs of self-realization of IT professionals with diff erent individual typological features.

Индивидуально-психологические предпосылки самореализации личности специалистов информационных технологий

Актуальность исследования обусловлена слабой разработанностью проблемы профессиональной самореализации ИТ-специалистов. Специфика профессиональной деятельности данной категории сотрудников предъявляет особые требования к их индивидуально-психологическим особенностям, обеспечивающим успешность самореализации специалистов, осуществляющих информационно-компьютерную деятельность. Цель: выявление специфики самореализации ИТ-специалистов с разными индивидуально-типологическими особенностями.

Subjective well-being in its relation to various forms of activity of the student youth

Social activity is the sphere of students’ personal socialization and fulfi llment. The study of interconnection between adherence to various forms of social activity and characteristics of subjective well-being allows unveiling the most general parameters of student activity’s consistence and personal orientation. The purpose of the study is to carry our analysis of the interconnection between subjective well-being characteristics and social activity forms.

Theoretical approaches to the study of the subjective well-being phenomenon

The necessity to “reconcile” various research positions regarding the study of subjective well-being phenomenon on the basis of an integrated approach makes the study of the theoretical approaches to the phenomenon relevant. Despite the abundance of modern scientifi c publications in the fi eld of psychology devoted to the study of well-being, there is a lack of a unifi ed understanding of the nature of this phenomenon. Scientists use a lot of concepts that are similar in content, but are not strictly diff erentiated.

Ethnopsychological features of readiness for risk

In this article psychological features of readiness for risk of Germans of the Volga region and Russian are considered. Dependence of readiness for risk on specificity of substantial characteristics of identity of the person of Germans and Russian is analyzed.

Personal creativity and motivation of achievement, as components of readiness for risk

In the article the basic problems, propensities concerning studying and readiness for risk in view of personal creativity and motivations of achievement of examinees are considered. Results of the comparative analysis of propensity and readiness for risk at men and women are discussed. Direct dependence of propensity to risk and motivation of achievement is established.

Readiness for Risk as Personal Potential of Subject Regulation

In article attempt to analyse readiness for risk as personal potential of subject regulation is undertaken. Results of empirical research of readiness for risk in correlation with characteristics of self-control and subjective well-being of the person are submitted.

Issledovanie of Social Risks in the Environment of Student's Youth

In article psychological aspects of social risks in the environment of student's youth are analyzed. Substantial characteristics and mechanisms of social risks of student's youth are opened.

Psychological Аspects of Social Risks and Problem of Subjective Well-being of the Person

This article analyzes the psychological dimensions of social risks in relation to the issue of the subjective well-being of the individual and groups. Reveals the characteristics of the socialization, that influence the behavior of the of risk-creating and risk potential. Discuss issues of the social activity of the person with a different level and content of the subjective well-being.

Information Flows of Innovational Activity of the Person

In this article system «innovational activity of the person» is studied on the basis of process and synergetics approaches. Processes — elements of system and information flows corresponding to them are classificated. The stage of becoming and stable functioning of system are described.