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Individual and Psychological Features of Tendency to the Stress of Men and Women

In this article stated the results of the empirical research devoted to studying of interrelation between tendency to a stress and individual and psychological features of the personality. The empirical base of research made 60 people, of them 30 men and 30 women aged from 25 till 35 years. Individual and psychological features were studied by means of R. B. Kettell’s questionnaire, tendency to a stess was investigated with use of the adapted J. Dzhenkinson’s technique.

A Person’s Socialization in the Light of the Concepts of Three Anthropological Dominants (Research Question Outline)

A multidisciplinary analysis of a person’s socialization has been performed based on the theory of three modes of oral tradition epic, lyric poetry, and drama. The paper proposes an idea that a person’s socialization can be viewed as sequential inclusion of epic, lyric, and dramatic components of the exploration of social space.

Adaptation Readiness of First Graders in Estimates of Participants of Educational Process

The article suggests the data of theoretical and empirical research of the problems of sportsmen resistance to factor-influence caused by the influence of society he/she is directly interacting in the course of his/her activity. Traditionally the members of this society are coaches, team-mates, competitors, and specialists of the present area: all these people are the carriers of social opinion on the level of sportsman readiness and his competitive opportunities.

Social Perseptions of Stress in Different Age Groups

We present a study of social perceptions of stress. The empirical base of the study was 80 people. Social perseptions of stress have been studied with the help of author questionnaires, the main method of study was content analysis. The study found out that the understanding and preception of stress is ambivalent. Priority social perceptions of stress are such categories as 'experiences' and 'emotional excitement'.

The Problem of the Crisis Mature Age

In this article will be described theoretical approaches of mature age crises. The results showed that standard age crises are essential planned stages of mature human development, stipulated continu­ity developmental processes, self-actualization and self-identity of the person. The results of the empiric study were shown. The research was conducted among men and women of mature age (n = 446, 35– 45 years). As the diagnostic method was used the method «Symptoms of planned crisis» by N. V. Sivrikova to identify crisis phenomenon.

Modern Research Trends in the Sphere of Ethno-Psychology of Subjective Well-Being

The article presents generalized analysis data of the subjective wellbeing research factual material, which was carried out from the perspective of ethno-psychology and testifys to a variety of forms, factors, and determinants of subjective well-being and reflect ethno-cultural peculiarity of interaction between human being and the society under conditions of globalization. The article states the main tendencies in the emergence and development of ethno-psychology of subjective wellbeing.

Levels and Criteria of Individuality Evolution

The article presents data regarding theoretical analysis of implementation of the two major approaches to the term «individuality», which were adopted by Soviet and post-Soviet ideology. The author developed level-based structure of the theoretical model - «Personoriented concept of happiness», which allows to incorporate both versions, where the first version is hierarchically subordinate to the second version.

Adaptation Readiness of Personality to Situations of Social Changes

The article presents the results of theoretical and empiric research of adaptation readiness of personality. It has been shown that adaptation readiness is not only the result of difficult cooperation between external and internal factors but also an integral effect of multi-level integration of regulatory systems (subsystems) of personality.

Phenomenon of «Acme»

Dedicated ambiguous aspects of the relationship between the individual (in situations of success, occupational referred to as «Acme») and the environment, relationships, avoiding discussion of sequential study in publications typical of acmeology. Considered important for understanding the phenomenon of «Acme» his «measurements» (temporary, ethical, methodological).

Acmeological Approach to Analysis of Achievements of University Teachers Professional Activity

The article demonstrates the possibility of investigating professional achievements of teachers of foreign languages of military university in their pedagogical activity by studying the results of their scientific activity by means of content-analysis method. As empiric materials 92 scientific publications of 49 teachers with the term of service from 3 to 48 years have been used. The authors considered the depend- ence of the text of publications on teachers' personality and their teaching peculiarities. By means of theoretical acmeological model (A. A.