Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Malyshev Ivan V.

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Candidate of Sciences

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Malyshev I. V. Characteristics of Valuem-Semantic Sphere Depending on a Professional Orientation of the Person of the Student
Malyshev I. V. Psychological characteristics of risks in extremal situations
Malyshev I. V. Peculiarities of Steadiness to Stress and Adaptation Characteristics of Personality of Senior Pupils of Schools
Malyshev I. V., Drozhalkina O. Y. Social-Psychological and Individual Characteristics of a Personality of Burning-Out Personal of Preschool Educational Institutions
Malyshev I. V. Peculiarities of Social-Psychological Adaptation of Personality of Students of Low Courses with Different Creative Potential
Malyshev I. V. Socio-Psychological Personality Adaptation and Strategies of Coping-Behavior of School Teachers in the Process of Professional Socialization
Malyshev I. V. Adaptational Possibilities of the School Graduates under Conditions of Changing Society
Malyshev I. V. Manifestation of Social-Psychological and Individual Properties of the Personality of Teachers of Schools Depending on the Level of their Socialization
Malyshev I. V., Abdulaev А. S. Peculiarities of Value Orientations and Personal Socialization in Adolescents with Health Limitations
Malyshev I. V. Peculiarities of Social and Psychological Adjustment and Stress of Personality High School Students in a Changing Society
Malyshev I. V., Ruchin V. A. Correlation between Social Competence and Adaptive Capabilities of Students of Different Specialities
Malyshev I. V., Romasheva Z. Z. Connection between basic values and emigration attitudes of Russian youth