Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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школьная адаптация

The expectations of teachers and school administrators about the process and result of school psychologists

The paper presents an analysis of the results of psychological surveys of teachers and school administrators, allowing them to reveal the content of expectations about the activities of educational psychologists.

Psychological Meaning of the Concept «School Adaptation»

The paper presents the findings of a theoretical analysis of the problem of school adaptation. It is demonstrated that school adaptation is an ongoing process, involving such fundamental changes in the person’s life as the change of activities and social environment. School adaptation is interpreted not only as a process of adaptation to effective functioning in an educational environment, but also as the person’s active exploration of the surrounding environment associated with his/her ability to develop psychologically, personally, and socially.

Parental Attitudes to Family Formation and Adaptation of Readiness of the Graduate School

The article discusses the interrelation of the parental attitudes and the formation of adaptive readiness of school graduate. It is shown that the school educational environment and family influence on the development of skills providing social adaptation.

The Role of the Adaptive Abilities of Students in the Process of Interaction with the Educational Environment

In article necessity of research and development of adaptive abilities of school leavers. Expands the content of the concept of «adaptive capacity». Give differentiated definition of adaptive capacity, human potential and adaptation abilities of the individual. Expands the role of adaptive abilities of students in their interaction with the educational environment. Adaptive capacity are characterized as quality, contributing to the effective functioning of a dynamic system of the individual interactions with the environment.

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