Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to Investigations of Psyche’s Development

From being “disadvantaged” to becoming the most advantaged

Since Merton defined the self-fulfilling prophecy in 1948, it has been adopted to several disciplines, and yet, only a small proportion of researches was built on its original complete notion accurately. Empirical papers even met challenges in proving an important part of it, notably that the initial expectation, that came true unwittingly through the behaviour of participants, had to be “false”. That crucial point is the Achilles heel of self-fulfilling prophecy researches, including its special cases, the Galatea, Golem and Pygmalion effect experiments.

Terra incognita of vitality problem: Open issues. Part 2

The relevance of studying resilience is among other things conditioned by faster evolution of social objects, increase in general uncertainty, lack of stability, complexity and ambiguity of the dynamics of their state, which, in their turn, lead to an increase in the requirements for adaptation mechanisms of an individual and social groups (families, collectives, sports teams, managerial or project teams); the importance of an individual’s socio-psychological and psychological resources is increasing.

Теоретические основы структурных компонентов и детерминант ролевого взаимодействия курсантов: метасистемный подход

The relevance of the study is conditioned by changes taking place in the Russian Armed Forces, which are associated with the growth of military conflicts, with reforms and reorganizations in the structure of the National Guard, etc. Therefore, it imposes certain requirements on the professional training of the military personnel of the National Guard, who must fulfill several roles simultaneously and harmoniously integrate them into within their personality.

Terra incognita of vitality problem: Open issues. Part 1

The increase of uncertainty, instability, complexity, ambiguity of the dynamics of the condition of social subjects are among the issues that make vitality problem topical. This results in higher standards for adaptation mechanisms of an individual and social groups (families, work groups, sports, management, project teams) and greater importance of socio-psychological and psychological resources of a person.

Transformation of the cognitive sphere of “digital generation” children: Experience analysis

The article studies the problem of changes in the cognitive sphere of children and adolescents of the digital generation – “generation Z” – in the context of influence of socio-cultural processes and digital technologies on the human psyche. We analyse data and models of changes in perception, thinking, memory and attention in the process of transformation of the socio-cultural situation. Arguments are given in favor of the standpoint emphasizing the ambiguous nature of the influence of digital technologies on the cognitive development of a modern person.

Socio-political and civil activity of young people: Between massification and individualization

The purpose of the study presented in the article is a theoretical analysis of socio-political and civic activity of young people in the context of processes of individualization and massification as contradictory but interdependent trends in the development of modern society. The relevance of the study is supported by the need for scientific understanding of conditions under which the formation of social and political subjectivity of young people and their choice of these types of activity take place.

Conditions for Overcoming Discriminatory Affirmations in Modern Society

The relevance of the study is conditioned by the necessity for formation of theoretical and practical knowledge and technologies that allow to analyze the conditions for overcoming discriminatory affirmations in modern society. The purpose of the research presented in the article is to analyze systematically the conditions for overcoming discriminatory affirmations in modern society.

Collective and Family Memory in the Context of “I and Others” Interaction

The article presents the results of theoretical analysis of the “collective memory” constructs as a repository of collective experience of a large group, represented in the meanings, symbols, images, cultural patterns, means, mechanisms of reproduction and translation of the past, and the “family memory” constructs as its kind in the context of a small group.

Viability of Urban Residents: Content of the Concept, Theoretical and Empirical Possibilities of Its Application

The purpose of the study presented in the article is to theoretically and methodologically substantiate the appropriateness of applying the concept of “viability of urban residents” in the studies of urban social psychology. Interdisciplinary analysis of approaches to the study of the problem of “human being and the city” has been carried out.

Psychology of Sustainable Development: Challenges and Prospects

Today the task of practical implementation of sustainable development has become even more important than three decades ago, when the corresponding concept was formulated. The coronavirus pandemic, which caused natural avalanche of negative consequences in the economy and society at the global, national, local, and individual levels, is just one of the tragic evidences of this. Initially, the term “sustainability” was put forward in natural sciences, but it is currently used in a wider context, which leads to misunderstanding.