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Psychological Features of Value-meaning Orientation in Students

The article discusses the results of an empirical study, and characterizes the marked value-semantic orientation peculiarities in students. In the course of the study of value-meaning orientation of the personality we used a set of valid and reliable tools to reveal the main types of orientation, the dominant values and attitudes of the personality in need-motivational sphere.

Valued Risks and Youth’s Conception of the Parenthood

The article reflects the topical issues of global transformation of values, associated with demographic processes and resource potential of the state. Achievement of utmost levels and increase in depopulation, inadequate reflection of the gender factor in population policy determines the increase of the crisis and the risks of the contemporary society.

Youth's Behavior and Emotional Experience in Shopping and Entertainment Centers

We listed the main problems that are considered in the studies of shopping and entertainment centers in different fields of humanitarian knowledge.

Psychological Peculiarities of Young People with Various Types of Attitude to Extremists

In article author described results of the empirical research directed on check of a hypothesis of existence of distinctions in psychological features of young people with different types of the relation to ex62 tremists. The received results testify that values, basic beliefs, ethnic identity and representations of youth about extremist are characterized by specifics at young people with negative, indifferent and loyal type of the attitude towards extremists. The most convex are psychological features of respondents with loyal type of the attitude towards extremists.

The Problem of Developing the Model of Prophylaxis and Prevention Measures Towards Vandal Behavior of Teenage Boys and Young Men

Discribed the problem of proliferation of vandal behavior among teenage boys and young men and the lack of modern practice or effective mechanisms for prevention of these forms of deviant behavior. The researcher points out that one of the reasons of determinational readiness to commit a vandal acts is destruction and deformation of the respondents' value area. The results of empirical research carried out in the teenage boys and young men sample groups with normative and deviant behavior (N = 457) used diagnostic tools: questionnaire value by S.

Social Activity as an Element of the Youth Social Self-Identification

The article outlines the main provisions of an integrated model of selfdetermination. Social activity is an important component as we'll as an indicator of social self-determination. The empirical study was carried out on a sample of youth  (N= 100 people, 18-30 years old) using the author's program for comprehensive studying the phenomenon of self determination, developed by A. L. Zhuravlev and A. B. Kupreychenko. It was found that social activity of modern youth is primarily focused on the satisfaction of their needs and their families.

Empirical Types of Social Maturity in Young People

The paper presents the results of an empirical study aimed at the identification of empirical types of social maturity in young people; its relevance is due to the lack of typology of social maturity in modern socio-psychological literature. The study was performed on a sample of young people aged 18 to 30 years old (347 people, including 178 women and 169 men).

Experience of Unfair Situations in University Students in the Course of Educational Process

coverage of unfair situations-related experience in students in the course of educational process. Studying the experience of unfair situations during the communicative interaction of university professors and students reflects the ways of personal development and contributes to the improvement of psychological climate in student life. The purpose of the study is to identify students’ experiences of unfair situations arising in the educational process and various types of sensitivity to justice, as well as values.

Problems and Perspectives of the Study of Young People’s Social Activity

The purpose of the study presented in the article is to give a theoretical review of articles devoted to the problem of social activity and its types. The urgency of the study of social activity is conditioned by the need to study psychological mechanisms of formation, development and forms of its manifestation in young people under the changing conditions of the social environment. The article presents the main definitions of the notion of social activity from the interdisciplinary perspective.

The Influence of Men's Age and Subjective Regulation Type on the Images of an Ideal Woman and Wife

The purpose of the study is to identify the features of the subjective images of an ideal woman and wife due to the age of men and their inherent types of subject regulation. The hypothesis was tested that the images of the ideal woman and the wife in men will be influenced by both their age and the type of their subjective regulation. The study was conducted among men of Naberezhnye Chelny, the total number of subjects was 120 people. The age of the subjects ranged from 18 to 55 years. The questionnaires “Autonomy–dependence” and “Masculinity– femininity” were used.