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Personality traits of a modern leader as seen by students

The relevance of the research is due to the public demand for the development of youth leadership programs. Additionally, the leaders themselves express the need to take into account the ideas of the youth about their personal characteristics in order to develop effectively. The objective of the study is to identify characteristics that are signifi cant for a modern youth leader as seen by students themselves depending on their gender and age.

The correlation between self-organization o f educational activity and refl exivity of students depending on gender

The relevance of the study is due to the necessity to develop st udents’ self-organization skills in the process of their education since this competence needs mastering by specialists while their implementing professional activities in modern work conditions. The objective of the study is to establish the correlation between self-organization of educational activities and refl exivity of students, depending on gender.

Empirical comparison of personal agency development in students of vocational training programmes in the academic and practical training conditions

Practical training of students in the system of secondary vocational education (SVE) is the most important condition for the development of their ability to be the subjects of the future profession and, accordingly, masters of their craft. The personal agency development is considered within the framework of an eco-psychological approach. The objective of the study is to compare the impact of academic and practical training on the students’ personal agency development in vocational training programmes.

The relation to extremism and socially-psychological characteristics of students and pupils

In article results of the analysis of a phenomenon of extremism, as socially-psychological phenomenon are presented. Results of research of communication between socially-psychological characteristics and the relation to displays of extremism at students of high school and pupils of school are resulted.

Показатели педагогической одаренности обучающихся на этапе получения профессионально-педагогического образования

Вопросы перспективного развития системы высшего профессионального образования требуют дополнительного изучения профессионально-личностных качеств студенческой молодежи – будущих специалистов педагогической сферы, выявления у обучающихся актуального и потенциального уровней развития педагогических способностей, необходимых для успешного «входа» в профессию и построения собственной профессионально-образовательной стратегии. Актуальность исследования обусловлена необходимостью разрешения проблем студенческой молодежи, связанных с кризисом профессионального развития.

Peculiarities of Self-Realization in Students with Different Levels of Persistence Manifestation

The results of empirical studies of the characteristics of self-realization in relation to the different levels of persistence, performed on a sample of students in the framework of the concept of dispositional personality traits and personality A. I. Krupnova. Application of a complex psychodiagnostic tools, «A multidimensional questionnaire self-realization» (S. I. Kudinov), «Express barchart self-assessment» (S. I. Kudinov), a blank test of self-realization (S. I. Kudinov), Test persistence (A. I.

Psychological Features of Value-meaning Orientation in Students

The article discusses the results of an empirical study, and characterizes the marked value-semantic orientation peculiarities in students. In the course of the study of value-meaning orientation of the personality we used a set of valid and reliable tools to reveal the main types of orientation, the dominant values and attitudes of the personality in need-motivational sphere.

Level Satisfaction Students get from Education: Methods of Diagnosis and Inter-Related Factors

The article provides the results of empirical studies on assessment of the consistency and specific diagnostic capabilities of a number of techniques for diagnosing the level of satisfaction of students with the education they receive (sample group size is 266 students). In addition to the author's techniques described in the article the researcher used personality questionnaires: viability tests and method of style self-regulation of behavior.

Role of Empathy in the Process of Students’ Social and Psychological Adaptation to Higher Educational Institution Environment

The article presents the results of empirical study of emotional and moral factors of students’ social-psychological adaptation to higher educational institution environment. The objective of the study is to determine meaningful interconnections between social-psychological adaptation and empathy in relation to representatives of different age and social groups of first-year students. In order to do it the authors used correlation analysis method. Utilization of psychodiagnostic methods (T. V.

Pecularities of Students-assistants’ Feelings at Lessons

In the paper we discuss previous results of empiric research of students- assistants’ feelings at their lessons. The teacher’s feelings are one of main factors providing success of the pupil’s work at classes. The author analyzes creative written reports by students of different specialties – Physics, Russian language and literature, Physical training – and detects general and specific factors influencing on teacher’s feeling.