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адаптационная готовность

Stages of Development of Personal Adaptational Readiness for Educational Environment Risks

The article identifies and describes six stages of formation of personal adaptational readiness for educational environment in dynamics of the course of its life, it also defines basic personal new formations, which determine high level of its development. The article shows that adaptational readiness for educational environment of pre-school educational institutions forms in early childhood and adaptational readiness for school educational environment forms during the preschool age.

Adaptive Readiness of Elementary and High School Students According to the Evaluation of Educational Process Participants

The paper presents the results of a theoretical and empirical study of adaptive readiness of elementary and high school students. The longitudinal study included students (N = 94) and class teachers (N = 3). The use of a combination of psycho-pedagogical techniques, a questionnaire designed by the author to study adaptive readiness based on five criteria, and the chart of monitoring students’ adaptiveness and effectiveness of their learning activities (designed by E. S. Eskina, T. L.

Adaptation Readiness of First Graders in Estimates of Participants of Educational Process

The article suggests the data of theoretical and empirical research of the problems of sportsmen resistance to factor-influence caused by the influence of society he/she is directly interacting in the course of his/her activity. Traditionally the members of this society are coaches, team-mates, competitors, and specialists of the present area: all these people are the carriers of social opinion on the level of sportsman readiness and his competitive opportunities.

Adaptation Readiness of Personality to Situations of Social Changes

The article presents the results of theoretical and empiric research of adaptation readiness of personality. It has been shown that adaptation readiness is not only the result of difficult cooperation between external and internal factors but also an integral effect of multi-level integration of regulatory systems (subsystems) of personality.

Concept Apparatus in Psychology of Personality’s Adaptation

The article discusses contents of the key concepts used in modern psychological research of personality adaptation. The author suggests that we define psychological adaptation as a developing process and a result of balanced and dynamic correlation between the requirements (capabilities) of environment and capabilities (requirements) of personality. The article throws light on correlation between categories of adaptation and interaction. Psychological adaptation is happens in a form of active interaction with the environment.

Temporal Perspective in Students with Different Levels of Adaptational Readiness

The article presents theoretical analysis data regarding the problem of temporal perspective in correlation to adaptational readiness of a student’s personality. Time perspective reflects future goals, personality values, as well as the level of personality’s subjectness. Susceptibility of personal time perspective parameters to the impact of social situation in life of a concrete subject dramatically increases during the periods of social and economic crises, as well as during the most significant life contexts of a personality.

Perceptions of Professional Future as a Factor of Adaptation Readiness to the Professional Activity among Psychology Students

The article is considered the interrelation of professional preferences and perceptions of professional future among psychology students. It is shown that perceptions of professional future is one of the factors of adaptation readiness to the professional activity, from their quality depends the satisfaction of professional prospects, the interest to learn, the readiness to invest efforts in professional development.

Parental Attitudes to Family Formation and Adaptation of Readiness of the Graduate School

The article discusses the interrelation of the parental attitudes and the formation of adaptive readiness of school graduate. It is shown that the school educational environment and family influence on the development of skills providing social adaptation.

The Role of the Adaptive Abilities of Students in the Process of Interaction with the Educational Environment

In article necessity of research and development of adaptive abilities of school leavers. Expands the content of the concept of «adaptive capacity». Give differentiated definition of adaptive capacity, human potential and adaptation abilities of the individual. Expands the role of adaptive abilities of students in their interaction with the educational environment. Adaptive capacity are characterized as quality, contributing to the effective functioning of a dynamic system of the individual interactions with the environment.

Problem of Adaptable Readiness of the Person: Results of the Scientific and Practical Workshop

The results of the scientific and practical workshop «The Problem of Adaptability of Personality Readiness», conducted on the basis of the Saratov State University, were summed up. N. G. Chernyshevsky April 20, 2017.