Psychology of Social Development

Ethnic Specificity of Discriminatory Attitudes

The goal of the research presented in the article is an empirical study of the specifics of ethnic discriminatory attitudes. The relevance of the study is the necessity to create, basing on theoretical data, the practice-oriented directions and recommendations related to the fact that the existence of discriminatory attitudes is a factor hindering the development of society as harmonious and tolerant and, as a result, it makes impossible the manifestation of social activity of an individual.

Structural Peculiarity of Discriminatory Attitudes of the Personality

The purpose of the study presented in the article is to investigate structural peculiarities of discriminatory attitudes empirically. The study was conducted on a sample (N=168), mean age 27,63 years, the sample was mostly composed of females (78,6%). In the course of study we used the following psycho-diagnostic toolset: a questionnaire that was specifically developed for the investigation, Yanoff-Bulman’s “Scale of Basic Beliefs” (M. A. Padun and A. V. Kotelnikova’s adaptation).

Collective Memory and Instances of Temporality

The goal of the research presented in the article is theoretical reflection of collective memory characteristics and its projections on different temporal modes – the past, the present and the future. The article presents the results of the theoretical reflection of collective memory as a sociocultural and socio-psychological phenomenon of being of a human and humankind, as well as its projections on different temporal modes – the past, the present and the future.

Integral Individuality of Students with Different Combinations of Rationality and Risk Appetite in Decision-Making

The article presents the results of an empirical study which has the purpose of studying the relationship of indicators of multi-level properties in the structure of integral individuality of students with different combinations of rationality of decision-making and risk appetite.

Sociometric Status Change in Junior Adolescents in the Process of Training

The purpose of the study was to investigate the influence of the subject-subject interaction of a teacher with a group of junior teenagers on the change of its sociometric structure in the process of learning. We analyzed the state-of-art in the investigations of sociopsychological processes in a study group using the sociometric method; the study also revealed features of the group structure and the dynamics of its change. The relevance of the work is due to the lack of knowledge of how to form an educational group as a collective subject and its role in the learning success.

Correspondence between Characteristics of Ethnic Identity and Subjective Well-Being in Russians and Kazakhs

Investigation of the correspondence between characteristics of ethnic identity and subjective well-being is necessary for the development of welfare programmes based on the identity factor. Purpose of the study: analysis of the relationship between characteristics of ethnic identity and subjective well-being of Russians and Kazakhs living in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The Influence of Men's Age and Subjective Regulation Type on the Images of an Ideal Woman and Wife

The purpose of the study is to identify the features of the subjective images of an ideal woman and wife due to the age of men and their inherent types of subject regulation. The hypothesis was tested that the images of the ideal woman and the wife in men will be influenced by both their age and the type of their subjective regulation. The study was conducted among men of Naberezhnye Chelny, the total number of subjects was 120 people. The age of the subjects ranged from 18 to 55 years. The questionnaires “Autonomy–dependence” and “Masculinity– femininity” were used.

The Structure of Subjective Well-Being and Satisfaction with Life in Adolescence

The study covers affective and cognitive-emotional components of life satisfaction, the level of satisfaction of vital needs and activity of adolescents. The sample consisted of 146 adolescents aged 14–17 years (orphans, adolescents temporarily living apart from their families due to studying in another city, adolescents living in nuclear and extended families). Methods: life satisfaction scale by E. Diener, questionnaire regarding satisfaction with different spheres of life, satisfaction of vital needs scale by O. S.

Dynamics of Cadets’ Notion of a Military Career in the Process of Military-Professional Socialization

The goal of the research presented in the paper is an empirical study of the dynamic changes of the image of a military career at various stages of the military professional socialization of an individual. The hypothesis of the study is the assumption that the notion of the military career among the cadets of the military institution of higher education is different depending on the stage of military professional socialization (1st–5th academic years).

Communicative Space of a Person Diagnosed with Pulmonary Tuberculosis

The paper presents the results of theoretical reflection on the communicative space of a person experiencing a traumatic situation, and an empirical research aimed at transformations in the system of communication and interaction of patients diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis with himself/herself, the world, the important Others.