Pedagogy of Development and Cooperation

The Definition of theConcept “Individual Educational Trajectory” by the Content Analysis Method

The article presents the results of a theoretical analysis of the interpretation of the concept of “individual educational trajectories” in teaching and educational environment, the relevance of which is due to objective needs and insufficient development of the organization of the process of self-determination and self-realization of the student.

Criteria for Patriotism and Civil Consciousness Formation in Students

The purpose of the study presented in the article is to develop the criteria of patriotism and civil consciousness in students. The relevance of the study is confirmed by the inclusion of civil patriotic education in the priority directions of youth policy in Russia. It is supposed that the development of criteria is feasible based on the structure of 

Analysis of Tendencies Related to Educators’ Choice of Protective and Coping Behaviour Strategies

Urgency of the study of coping and protective strategies peculiarities in educators is conditioned by the presence of negative and unsafe behavioral manifestations related to complicated stressful situations in their professional activity and everyday life. The purpose of the study is to investigate and analyse preference tendencies regarding protective and coping strategies in the behaviour of educators at various stages of professional development.

Structural and Contextual Characteristics of Text Artistic Perception in Future Teachers

The relevance of the study is conditioned by the need to develop artistic (aesthetic) competence of a future teacher, the development of which largely determines the effectiveness of students’ literary development. The purpose of the study presented in the article is to determine the ability of future teachers to carry out figurative generalization and figurative concretization, as well as to develop the ability to recognize different levels of meaning in a work of fiction.

Military Identity of an Officer: Questionnaire and Its Validation

The purpose of the study presented in the article is to develop and validate the original technique for determining military identity level. The relevance of research topic is conditioned by the lack of methods for determining military identity level of military personnel. We proposed a new tool to determine the level of military identity. The hypothesis of the study was an assumption that the tool that was developed for assessing military identity level of officers is valid and reliable.

Psychological and Pedagogical Aspects of the Problem of Students’ Stress Resistance

The purpose of the theoretical study presented in the article is analysis of psychological and pedagogical aspects of stress resistance. Its relevance is conditioned by the identified inability of students to cope with unforeseen situations, their inability to cope with stress, which often results in negative impact on both physical and psychological states. It is assumed that detailed analysis of the terms “stress”, “stress resistance”, and “classification of stress factors” will allow us to outline directions of work aimed at stress resistance development.

Trust in a Teacher as a Factor of Teacher’s Educational Influence

The article describes the problem of decreasing trust in teachers in Russian educational system. Trust is considered as an existential condition of social influence. The relevance of the study is conditioned by the reduction of educational influence of the educational system on modern schoolchildren. The purpose of the study is to analyze the conditions and consequences of trust and distrust in a teacher in the practice of Russian educational system.

Upbringing Trends in Modern Conditions: from the “Collectivism” Discourse to the “Self-Care” Discourse

It is widely known that education is the unity of training and upbringing; it plays a crucial role in the formation of personality. At the same time, modern education with the prevailing natural science approach and pragmatic orientation loses one of its main components – formation of the value of the spiritual world of a person living in the material world. Among the problems updated by the current situation, the problem of reconsidering the interrelation of such phenomena as “individuality” and “collectivity” stands out.

New Forms of Interaction with Students: the Scientific and Educational Festival «The Week of Pedagogical Education» in Saratov State University

The article presents the experience of creating new forms of interaction between students, university teachers and school teachers in order to increase the interest of young people in a teaching profession. It demonstrates how to organize their communication so that in the polylogue they can exchange views on very acute and controversial issues for the education system, to see and hear each other’s opinions. As a new form of interaction between teachers of different generations, the educational and research festival “The Week of Pedagogical Education” proved to be effective.

Development of Interest to the World of Plants in Senior Preschool Children through Projects

Modern socio-cultural situation and changes that are taking place in preschool education, determine the relevance of the problem of enhancing children’s interest in learning about the world around them. Among various tools that ensure productiveness of work in this sphere project activity occupies a special place. The purpose of the study presented in the article is to theoretically substantiate pedagogical conditions for the development of interest in nature (the world of plants) in preschool children through projects.