Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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профессиональная социализация

Служение людям как ценностная составляющая образа «Я» в структуре социально-психологических характеристик у будущих врачей

Аннотация. Актуальность. Исследование связи карьерной ориентации «служение» с комплексом социально-психологических особенностей личности студентов медицинского вуза позволяет выявить ценностные составляющие образа «Я» в структуре профессиональной Я-концепции у будущих врачей. Цель: изучение связи социально-психологических особенностей и выраженности карьерной ориентации «служение» у студентов медицинского вуза.

Parity of the Self-Relation and Characteristics of Success of the Person of the Social Worker in the Course of Professional Socialisation

In article the self-relation and characteristics of success of the person of the social worker in the course of professional socialisationis considered. The description of the self-relation, success in interdependence and interference in the course of professional socialisationis given. It is underlined, that the relation to success of the trade can influence the self-relation in the same degree, as well as the self-relation can influence emotionally-estimated characteristics of success.

Manifestation of Social-Psychological and Individual Properties of the Personality of Teachers of Schools Depending on the Level of their Socialization

The analysis of peculiarities of the manifestation of social-psychologi­cal and individual properties of the personality of teachers of second­ary schools depending on the level of their socialization is presented. Modern approaches to the understanding of a personality and of its social-psychological manifestations are considered. It is noted that the social-psychological and individual characteristics of a personality that reflect its positive vital mood nfluence the forming of the social suitability of the workers in the form of its high values.

Professional Socialization of a University Student’s Personality within Diachronic Aproach Context

The article argues that from the point of view of diachronic approach, professional socialization of a university student in the university educational environment can be viewed as a life stage when he/she becomes an active subject of the professional development process. 154 professors from three Saratov educational institutions of higher learning and 54 students from the Department of psychological, pedagogical and special education of Saratov State University took part in the empirical study. Researchers used a set of methods: polling, O. V.

Professional Socialization of an Individual in the Process of Subject-Oriented Education

The paper presents the results of theoretical and methodological analysis of a problem of youth early socialization and the major role of professional community to provide socialization in contemporary environment. The authors support the idea of necessity to move towards cross-disciplinary and convergent education based on the implementation of the subject-oriented approach, referring to discussion of implementation of continuation of technological and competence-based approaches in education.