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professional development

Professional development of teachers on the basis of a digital educational platform: Challenges to the expert community

The relevance of the research lies in the fact that teachers often fail to cope with the tasks of digital communication and their own learning via digital platform, and therefore, digital means become a kind of a communication barrier for them, instead of being a unifying bond.

Features of personal and professional self-realization of teaching and learning psychologists

The relevance of the research is determined by the increasing role of a teaching and learning psychologist in the educational process, as well as the need for a teaching and learning psychologist to meet the requirements of the modern education system. The purpose of the research is to study the types of personal and professional self-realization of teaching and learning psychologists, as well as the psychological predictors of such self-realization.

The Role of Job Insecurity in Professional Development of the Personnel

In article theoretically and empirically testify that job insecurity plays an important role in professional development of the personnel, making destructive impact on workers, shoving in dynamic of burnout. Measuring instruments: «Oldenburg Burnout Inventory» (E. Demerouti et al., version in Russian language A. Smirnova, 2015), «the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale» (W. Schaufeli, A. Bakker, 2003); «the Job Insecurity Scale» (De Witte 2000, 2012, version in Russian language A. Smirnova, 2015), «Job Insecurity Scale» (J.

Athlete’s Leading Motivations at the Ascending Stage of Professional Development

The paper presents the results of an empirical study of the motivational sphere of athletes’ personality. The leading motivations for doing sports identified in groups of athletes at pre-professional, professional and super-professional stages of professional development are general physical activity, comfort, social status, social utility, communication. The paper describes the significance of these motivations, analyses and summarizes the differences in how these motivations are expressed in different groups.

Designing Programs of Professional Development of Pre-School Teachers

professional development of teachers of pre-school educational institutions within the framework of postgraduate education. The relevance of task forms of organizing course training of teachers in the system of career enhancement and professional training is explained. An educational program is defined as a system of situations of development that encourage a transition to self-education and self-development at the stage of postgraduate training for innovation activities.

Forming Professional Conscience in Psychologists Through the Study of Primary Sources

The article gives the results of the theoretical and methodological analysis of the problem of forming professionalism and professional consciousness. We have updated the problem of forming professional consciousness in psychology students. We have marked out three components of professiogenesis and highlighted the role of the resource component. The multiparadigmality of psychology as a science is regarded as a condition complicating the construction of a coherent system of knowledge and the formation of a complete psychological world view.

Role of Self-determination and Reflexivity in Career Orientations of Future Engineers

Special features of career orientations of future engineers are described; they define the vector of professional formation and the level of professional development. The results of the empirical research are presented, the research was carried out on the representative sample (N = 82, M = 20,30 years, students of 2 - 6 years of study of National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» with different technical specialties) with application of the diagnostic tools: the method of «The questionnaire of self-organization activity by E. Yu.