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Forum “Humanization of the Learning Environment” as a platform for raising awareness among young teachers and students majoring in teaching about their role in students’ personal development

The article informs the public about the upcoming International Forum “Humanization of the Learning Environment: The Role of a Young Teacher in Transformation of the Educational System”. The forum is to be held on March 1–2, 2022 at Saratov State University. The objective of the forum is to discuss a number of issues related to the ways of how to raise awareness among young teachers and students majoring in teaching about their role in students’ personal development. 

Special-needs education and socio-cultural integration – 2021: Verbal and non-verbal communication and technologies for students with special educational needs in the digital age (report on the results of the international scientific conference)

The report presents the results of the international scientific conference “Special-Needs Education and Socio-Cultural Integration – 2021: Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication and Technologies for Students with Special Educational Needs in the Digital Age”. The conference was organized by Saratov State University, Faculty of Psychological, Pedagogical and Special Education, Department of Speech Therapy and Psycholinguistics.

The System of Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities: Scientific Approaches and Practical Implementation

27 и 28 мая в рамках договора о сотрудничестве Саратовского государственного университета и Центра по обучению и реабилитации инвалидов «Парус надежды» в СГУ на факультете психолого-педагогического и специального образования состоялась всероссийская научно-практическая конференция с международным участием «Система реабилитации лиц с ограниченными возможностями здоровья: научные подходы и практическая реализация».

Strakhov Readings – 2021: International Scientific Conference

The article provides information on the forthcoming international scientific conference “Strakhov Readings – 2021”, which will be held on November 11–12, 2021. The conference continues the tradition of holding annual Strakhov Readings in memory of the founder of Saratov Psychological School, the first head of the Department of Psychology of Saratov State Pedagogical Institute, Professor I. V. Strakhov.

Humanization of the educational space – 2021: Digitalization of the educational environment (Overall results of the international forum)

The results of the international forum “Humanization of the educational space – 2021: digitalization of the educational environment”, which was held on February 18–19, 2021 in Saratov, are presented. The conference was organized by the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Saratov National Research State University named after N. G.

Report on the International scientific and practical online conference “Ecological art therapy: International and cultural prospects”

The article reports on the first international scientific and practical conference on ecological art therapy. The conference has an interdisciplinary character and reflects active development of the ecological direction in art therapy in its close connection with the ecology movement ecotherapy, ecopsychology, environmental education (education for sustainable development) and “green” art.