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Relations Between Children and Parents as a Factor of Child’s Development

Attachment to mother plays a crucial role in child’s relationship with its close people at all stages of its growth, in particular, in future marital relationship, because human personality is largely formed by his or her interactions with the people with whom he or she identifies himself (parents, peers, etc). Family relations in which a child grows influence on its interaction with close people, as well as on the formation of relations in future family. The type of attachment to his or her mother has an impact on the relationship between spouses.

Forming of Professional Readiness of Future Teachers to the Collaboration with Family of Schoolboy

In the article the results of analysis of essence of collaboration are presented as a psychological and pedagogical problem and essence of forming of professional readiness of future teachers to the collaboration with family of schoolboy. It is marked that for providing of harmonious development of personality of child collaboration is needed with family with the use of traditional and innovative forms of work.

Essence of Family-Pedagogical Cooperation at Modern School

In article results of the analysis of various treatments of concept «cooperation» with positions of pedagogical and psychological sciences are presented. The essence of family-pedagogical cooperation at modern school reveals.

Peculiars of the Parental Position in Families of Different Types

The goal of the empirical study described in the article was to identify the features of the parental position in families of different types (foster and birth families). The hypothesis was confirmed that there are qualitative differences in the understanding of parental position in families of different types.