Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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профессиональное самоопределение

The Role of Family in Professional Self-Determination of Psychology Students

The article presents pilot empirical research data regarding the role of family in professional self-determination of psychology stu­dents. The study was carried out on a sample of students (n = 28, 19–21 years old) with application of psychological and diagnostic toolset: I. L. Solomin’ «Orientation» questionnaire; S. A. Pakulina and S. M. Ketko’s questionnaire called «Motivation of students’ learning»; questionnaire with retrospective analysis of motives for choosing fu­ture profession.

Risks of Professional Self-Determination of Senior Pupils: Psychological and Pedagogical Aspects

Substantially analyzed the social and psychological risks of professional self-determination of senior pupils. The results of empirical research carried out on a sample of students of classes 9 and 11 secondary school № 41, Saratov (N = 65). The methods used: questionnaire «Orientation» (V. E. Sigacheva, M. N. Rossohach); method for determination of the main motives of choice of profession (E. M. Pavlyutenkova); questionnaire «The motives of choice of profession» (R. V. Ovcharova); questionnaire «Types imposed on the choice of profession» (A. A. Kibireva).

Perceptions of Professional Future as a Factor of Adaptation Readiness to the Professional Activity among Psychology Students

The article is considered the interrelation of professional preferences and perceptions of professional future among psychology students. It is shown that perceptions of professional future is one of the factors of adaptation readiness to the professional activity, from their quality depends the satisfaction of professional prospects, the interest to learn, the readiness to invest efforts in professional development.

Studying of Interrelation of the Success of Leading Activity and Strategy of Social Adaptation Graduates of Schools

The article is considered the interrelation of the success of leading activity and strategy of social adaptation. The author describes the leading activity based on the concept of personal and professional self-determination. It is shown that the school educational space influences on development of the social skills providing social adaptation.

Peculiarities of Professional Self-Determination of Students at the Stage of Preparation for Subject Oriented Training

The relevance of the study is determined by the need of scientificallybased programs of psychological and pedagogical support for students of general education schools under the conditions of subject oriented pre-training. The purpose of the study is to identify the peculiarities of students’ professional self-determination at the stage of completion the basic general education and preparation for subject oriented training.

Values and Motives of the Individual Factors as the Choice of Profession School Graduates

The article deals with the values and motives of the individual factors as professional self-seniors, their place in the socialization and the results of research of values and motives of the profession school graduates.