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pedagogical support

Influence of the Research Activity on the Students Self-Affirmation

This article analyzes the conditions as well as goals and objectives for the research activity within the learning process in a secondary school. Author examines research activity as a means of students’ self-affirmation and notes its positive impact.

Model of pedagogical support of increasing the level of self-organisation in students

Изложен теоретический анализ феномена самоорганизации, дано определение и представлена структурно-функциональная модель педагогического сопровождения повышения уровня самоорганизации студентов. Она разработана в связи с актуальностью наличия развитых навыков самоорганизации у студентов, поскольку им необходимо справляться с большим количеством самостоятельной работы, и выпускников вуза, так как от них требуется эффективное решение профессиональных задач. Целью исследования является обоснование содержания блоков модели.

The Concept of “Support” as a Pedagogical Category

The purpose of the study presented in the article is to clarify the pedagogical aspect of the concept of “support” within the context of modern requirements for the educational process implementation. It has been shown that pedagogical support is one of the areas of work of a teacher with children in educational organizations. When support is provided, the relationships between the participants in the educational process should be subject-subject in nature.

Upbringing Trends in Modern Conditions: from the “Collectivism” Discourse to the “Self-Care” Discourse

It is widely known that education is the unity of training and upbringing; it plays a crucial role in the formation of personality. At the same time, modern education with the prevailing natural science approach and pragmatic orientation loses one of its main components – formation of the value of the spiritual world of a person living in the material world. Among the problems updated by the current situation, the problem of reconsidering the interrelation of such phenomena as “individuality” and “collectivity” stands out.