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Influence of Emotions on Informative Activity of the Younger Schoolboy

In article the researches devoted to a role of emotions in informative activity of the younger schoolboy are analyzed. Influence of emotions on processes of storing, perception, imagination and thinking is considered. It is underlined that excessive emotional conditions adversely affect informative activity of the younger schoolboy, brake and will disorganize its intellectual activity

The Comparative Analysis of Motives of a Choice of a Speciality, the Future Trade and Place of Work as Russian and German Students

Comparative analysis of Russian and German students’ motives of speciality, future profession and place of work choice is given. Cross-cultural differences in Russians and Germans’ motivation are shown. The differences in system of higher education are analyzed.

The specificity of subjective well-being web-designers

The article presents the results of a theoretical analysis of the problem of subjective well-being web-designers. Analysis to be different factors affecting the specificity of the formation of a state of «satisfaction of labor."

The influence of coaches’ professional motivation on characteristics of their activitiesм

The necessity to identify motivational factors of the coach’s activity components and of the dominant orientation of this activity makes the study relevant.

Athlete’s Leading Motivations at the Ascending Stage of Professional Development

The paper presents the results of an empirical study of the motivational sphere of athletes’ personality. The leading motivations for doing sports identified in groups of athletes at pre-professional, professional and super-professional stages of professional development are general physical activity, comfort, social status, social utility, communication. The paper describes the significance of these motivations, analyses and summarizes the differences in how these motivations are expressed in different groups.

Family Group Logopedic Psychotherapy as a Model of Socio-Rehabilitational System

The article presents the data of theoretical analysis related to problems of stutter (logoneurosis) as one of the extreme forms of conversation disturbances; it presents characteristics of people who stutter and their families, peculiarities of therapy for this defect. The article touches upon the problem of family involvement into the process of social rehabilitation. It is shown that utilization of non-traditional methods, such as: Yu. B.

Motivational and Volitional Characteristics of Students of Secondary Professional Education Institutions

The article presents the results of an empirical study, the purpose of which is to determine motivational and volitional characteristics of secondary professional education institutions’ students. Presumably, personal motivational and volitional spheres in students at the stage of secondary professional education differ from those of higher education students. The research involved students (N = 158) of secondary (n = 81) and higher (n = 77) professional education institutions, aged from 16 to 22, among whom 45% were girls.

Motivational Sphere Peculiarities in Students Applying to Study at Sports Educational Institutions

The relevance of the study of motivational sphere in students applying to study at sports educational institutions is determined by understanding of sports activities motive as an adaptation factor (M. A. Kuzmin), as well as the significance of motivation formation precisely at the stage of specialization as a professional athlete (E. Ilyin). The purpose of the study was to investigate the characteristics of motivational sphere in students applying to study at a sports educational institution.