Upbringing of Schoolchildren as an Effect of Friendly Communication with Children

The purpose of the research presented in the article was to connected with the definition of the role of the teacher’s communication with schoolchildren as a significant condition of upbringing. Education is interpreted by the author as a living process of interaction, the basis of which are real relationships, processes and phenomena as natural events surrounding the pupil of reality, capable of generating comprehension of cultural and vital meanings and values.

Structure of Readiness of Future Teachers to Interact with Educational Space Subjects of Other Ethnicities

We discuss the need for a deliberate forming in the conditions of the modern world the readiness to interact with educational space subjects of other ethnicities in future teachers. The results of empirical research carried out on a sample of students of teaching and non-teaching areas and specialties who study at the Federal State Public Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Ural State Pedagogical University” (n = 60 students, aged from 18 to 23 years) using the  diagnostic tools: E. Bogardus’s social distance scale, G. U.