Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Level of Person's Social Success: Outer-Subject and Inter-Subject Resources

The purpose of the present research is do detect ontological characteristics of «acme» phenomenon, determine its limits, suggest particular limitations into the object of research, point out aspects interesting in a scientific way and significant in terms of further development of social technologies. The purpose is to suggest changing metaphors and unclear terms to the more clear terms from thesaurus of modern psychology allowing to make measurements.

Phenomenon of «Acme»

Dedicated ambiguous aspects of the relationship between the individual (in situations of success, occupational referred to as «Acme») and the environment, relationships, avoiding discussion of sequential study in publications typical of acmeology. Considered important for understanding the phenomenon of «Acme» his «measurements» (temporary, ethical, methodological).

The Problem of Crisis in Acmeology

The article describes the results of theoretical analysis of crisis through the acmeological approach. The integration of different views on a crisis by philosophers, historians, sociologists and psychologists allowed us to define the features of crisis in individual life and social development. There were shown: 1) the difference between crisis, acme, katabole and catharsis; 2) the foundation of ideal as central concept of this problem; 3) the classification of crisis overcoming stages.

«Acme» as a Peak of Personal and Professional Development of a Self-Actualizing Personality

The article discusses the problem of self-actualization of a personality in its professional activity and achieving the peak of its personal development. Based on the analysis of various psychological theories and concepts it is shown that achieving of “acme” by a personality is based on the desire to grow and develop professionally or on its desire for self-actualization. Self-actualization can be better seen during the periods of professional crisis, which activate the processes of professional self-determination of a personality.

The Formation of Methodological Bases of Acmeology in Russia: Pre-History and Modernity

The article is disclosed to historical-philosophical, scientifical and psychological preconditions of formation of acmeology in Russia. We consider the stages of development of the Acme of man, describes the universal principles of acmeology.

“Acme”: Space and Time of Manifestation of the Phenomenon

The article discusses the content of the phenomenon of “acme”, it identifies “open questions”, the lack of answers to which hinders its study (temporal parameters of acme, the degree and nature of integration of human qualities, uniqueness and stability of mental structures, the role of environment and the nature of involvement of human activity in the activities of social groups, etc.). The purpose of the article is to raise questions of searching for and identifying spatial and temporal parameters of how the phenomenon of “acme” is manifested.