Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Молодые исследователи

Научно-проектный кампус университета как эффективная среда для развития студента-инноватора

Актуальность исследования определяется необходимостью трансформации воспитательной среды современного университета, выступающей одним из условий эффективного развития студента-инноватора, мотивированного на осуществление научных исследований и разработок, способного на поиск оригинальных идей, инновационных решений, реализацию проектов.

To a Problem of the Organizational Conflict

This article explores the institutional conflicts in the example the work of a psychologist with the engineering and technical workers in your organization. Provides a description of the conflict, the available research sociometry has been developed and tactics in conflict and conflict proneness to employees of the organization. Summarizes recommendations to senior management for conflict prevention.

Young researchers Kalagina P. S. Characteristics of Personal and non Verbal Creativity of Gender Typified and Gender Nontypified Executives

The article deals with correlation between gender characteristics of executives and their personal and nonverbal creativity. Also results of comparative analysis of creativity expressiveness of executives with masculine, feminine and androgenous gender type are introduced in the article.

Realization of Educational Process Intensification in Primary School on a Basis of Gender Approach

The article pays special attention to the realization of educational process intensification in primary school on a gender approach basis by means of classes organization taking into consideration psychophysiological peculiarities of students. The results of the research allow to consider: gender approach is giving an opportunity to carry out educational activity on an international standards level.

Young Researchers Mironova T. Yu. Moral and Psychological Factors of Teenagers and Youths Economic Socialization

The article presents the results of studying the influence of moral and psychological factors on the economic socialization teenagers and youths. Research based on empirical method reveal: the influence the level of morality development on setting their relation to money and social inequality; the concept of activity in the economic field and the priorities in the distribution of funds. Revealed and described two main trends of economic socialization teenagers and youths.