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Upbringing of Schoolchildren as an Effect of Friendly Communication with Children

The purpose of the research presented in the article was to connected with the definition of the role of the teacher’s communication with schoolchildren as a significant condition of upbringing. Education is interpreted by the author as a living process of interaction, the basis of which are real relationships, processes and phenomena as natural events surrounding the pupil of reality, capable of generating comprehension of cultural and vital meanings and values.

Time Perspective and Life Values of Senior Pupils in Urban and Rural Schools

The article presents the results of empirical study of time perspective peculiarities, conducted in a comparative aspect on the sample of senior pupils from urban and rural schools (N = 140). The following ques-tionnaires were used: «Motivation to Success» and «Motivation of Failure Avoidance» by T. Ehlers, «Morphological Test of Life Values» by V. F. Sopov and L. V. Karpushina, «Graphic Test with Time Circles and Lines» by T. Cottle, «Sentence Completion» method by D. Saks and S. Levy, test-questionnaire «Subjective Control Level» by G.