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The use of memes in literature studies while training intending primary school teachers

The purpose of the research is theoretical and empirical study of the educational value of a meme in designing learning materials for higher education. The article presents the arguments supporting the necessity to use hypertextuality, multimedia, interactivity, and edutainment technologies as the ways to transform learning materials in literature studies in the course of training primary school teachers. The study proves the necessity to supplement the linear verbal content of the lecturer with a multicultural visual support.

State Policy in the Field of Education – Reforms, Results, Expectations

Set out data analysis of national education reforms, particularly the Higher School after Russia’s entry into the Bologna process and the World Trade Organization. Identified five priority areas outlined in the State Program of Education Development for 2013 2020. Such units as ensuring access to education for all of life of Russians, monitor the quality of its level, the development of continuity, openness and the establishment of a unified information environment compared with the views of teachers and scholars.