Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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speech development

Semiotic and Symbolic Means in the Life of Preschool Children

The results of theoretical analysis of the problem of semiotic (symbolic) mediation of development of preschool children psychology in the process of mastering the speech activity. It is mentioned that being a semiotic system, speech helps children to take control of their behavior: it becomes controlled (perceived) and organized (self-developed in the context of the situation).

Neurophysiological Bases of Pedagogical Accompaniment of Speech Development in Young Children

The article deals with the relationship between the work of the nervous centers responsible for language development of a child-Broca, Wernicke, associative centres and modern methods of speech development. A special role is given to the analysis of modern theoretical and practical work in the field of neurophysiology, devoted to the work of mirror neurons. Analyses the causes of violations of speech development, risk factors, which influence on the fetus during pregnancy, birth and infancy.