Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Sow Reasonable, Kind, Eternal

In this paper was made an attempt of comparative analysis of the technocratic, humanistic and anthropological educational models. Pedagogical work presented as an anthropological practice, what confirms the necessity of familiarizing children to the traditional spiritual culture.

Psychological Health and Education of the Person

In article presents the results of research conducted under the scientific project «Anthropology of the socio-psychological health of childhood».

Upbringing of School Children: The Resource of Child and Adult Community

The purpose of the study presented in the article is to explain the notion of the term “child and adult community” as a new tendency in the development of collective upbringing, to show its role in the upbringing and development of a modern school child, single out the directions and techniques for teachers’ work aimed at finding and maintaining the community which involves school children.

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