Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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ISSN 2541-9013 (Online)


Adaptation Readiness of Personality to Situations of Social Changes

The article presents the results of theoretical and empiric research of adaptation readiness of personality. It has been shown that adaptation readiness is not only the result of difficult cooperation between external and internal factors but also an integral effect of multi-level integration of regulatory systems (subsystems) of personality.

Regulatory and Worldview Factors of Various Forms of Social Activity of Young People

The aim of the research presented in this article is to study the regulative and ideological factors of different forms of social activity among students. The empirical study is carried out on a sample of students (N = 236), including high school students of general secondary schools (N = 118) and university students from Saratov and Saratov Oblast. We used a complex of psychodiagnostical tools to register various forms of social activity and degree of manifestation using a special questionnaire (by I. V. Arendachuk, E. E. Bocharova, A. I. Zagranichniy et al).

Integral Individuality of Students with Different Combinations of Rationality and Risk Appetite in Decision-Making

The article presents the results of an empirical study which has the purpose of studying the relationship of indicators of multi-level properties in the structure of integral individuality of students with different combinations of rationality of decision-making and risk appetite.