Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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«Mania» Structure and an Adaptive Model of Development of Didactogeny in Schoolchildren

The paper presents the results of a theoretical analysis of two development models of didactogeny in schoolchildren. The first model shows how «mania» structure of the development of didactogeny emerges in schoolchildren, which is pathological and characterizes most teacher-student conflicts accompanied by didactogenic disorders. The second model describes an adaptive circle of development of didactogeny in schoolchildren. As it is formed, there is a realization that a student has didactogeny, followed by a resolution of this problem.

Conditions for Effectiveness of Educational Work within School Educational Continuum

The purpose of the study presented in the article is to analyse information and communicative culture as the conditions for increasing effective work within school educational continuum. We studied peculiarities of productive education in comparison with traditional education and identified its interconnection with the activities, creative work, and skills related to handling the information.