Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Socio-political and civil activity of young people: Between massification and individualization

The purpose of the study presented in the article is a theoretical analysis of socio-political and civic activity of young people in the context of processes of individualization and massification as contradictory but interdependent trends in the development of modern society. The relevance of the study is supported by the need for scientific understanding of conditions under which the formation of social and political subjectivity of young people and their choice of these types of activity take place.

Differences in Generations’ Collective Memory: a Socio-Psychological Approach

The purpose of the study presented in the article is to investigate the collective memory features of four generations of Russians in relation to the current situation in the country. Presumably, the generations of baby-boomers, X, Y, and Z, differently assess Russian history periods and view them as possible models for the present, while socio-psychological characteristics of generations are associated with a certain modality of collective memory images.