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профессиональная компетентность

To a Question on Increase of Professional Competence of the Future Teachers in Sphere of Family-pedagogical Cooperation

In article the description special course «Technology of the organisation and realisation of cooperation with a family of the younger schoolboy», approved in teacher training University with a view of increase of professional competence of the future teachers is presented in sphere of family-pedagogical cooperation. The purposes, problems, the maintenance, structure and requirements to level of development of a material of a special course reveal.

Socio-Psychological Aspects of Leading the Processes of Intended Socialization of Youth

The article discusses the problem of intended socialization of youth. It offers the data of psychological approaches (Gabriel Tarde, V. S. Mukhina, A. V. Petrovsky) that lie at the foundation of analysis of essence and mechanisms of socialization mechanisms. We singled out the main directions of work aimed at accompanying: professional self-determination, adaptation process in institutions of higher education, establishment of professional competences.

Quantitative Estimation of the Formation of Professionally Oriented Language Competence of the Medical Students

The article reviews the problem of professionally - oriented language competence formation in students due to development of professional competence while learning a foreign language. Considering this fact, we have organized information-cognitive activity in studying a foreign language aimed at the formation of professionally - oriented language competence.

Foreign Language Speech Culture in the Structure of the Professional Competence of an Intending Teacher

The necessity to form foreign language communication culture of intending teachers is predetermined, on the one hand, by the importance of authentic speech behavior in the framework of intercultural communication, and, on the other hand, by the complex nature of communicative competence, which is an important element of professional and pedagogical competence of the teacher.