Cross-Cultural Peculiars of Coping Strategies of the Russian and the French Students in the Context of Psychological Well-Being

The goal of the empirical study described in the article was to identify the cross-cultural characteristics of coping strategies and psychological well-being undertaken on a sample of the Russian (n = 70) and the French (n = 70) students aged 18 to 25 years old using the following psychodiagnostic tools: “Scale of psychological well-being” (by C. Riff, adapted by N. N. Lepeshinsky), “Ways of Coping Questionnaire” (WCQ, adapted by T. L. Kryukova and E. V. Kuftyak).

The Relationships between the Dominant Coping Strategies and Accentuation of Personality Traits Among Teachers

The article presents the results of empirical study of relationships between the dominant coping strategies and accentuation of personality traits among secondary school teachers (N = 40) carried out using psycho-diagnostic tools: Questionnaire «Strategies for overcoming stressful situations» (Stevan E. Hobfoll in adaptation of N. Vodopianova and E. Starchenkova), characterological questionnaire (K. Leonhard in adaptation of V. M. Bleicher).

The Relationship between Coping Strategies and Social and Psychological Personal Characteristics

The results of the empirical research of coping strategies carried out on a selection of modern young people (n = 220; 19–30 years old) are presented. Appliance of questionnaires such as «Adaptive strategies of behaviours» by N. N. Melnikova, «Detector of coping strategies» by D. Amirkhan, «Scales of coping strategies» R. Lazarus, «Motivation to succeed» and «Failure avoidance motivation» by T. Ehlers, multiplefactor personality questionnaire by R. Cattell, J.

Resilience of Students with Health Limitations as a Factor of Successful Socio-Psychological Adaptation to the Environment of Higher Educational Institution

The article presents results of observation over behavior of students with health limitations in the process of receiving university education. The author formulates strategies of their behavior in a stressful situation of examination period. The article touches upon psycho-diagnostic method by S. Maddi aimed at studying personal resilience and studies the components of resilience of students with health limitations. It is supposed that resilience is one of the major factors of successful socio-psychological adaptation of students with health limitations to the university environment.

Ценностная конфликтность, копинг-стратегии и темперамент

В статье представлены результаты эмпирического исследования связей между ценностной конфликтностью, копинг-стратегиями и свойствами темперамента. Определены также некоторые связи с острой формой ценностной конфликтности, которую мы называем смысловым тупиком.