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Коммуникативная компетентность студентов ВУЗа с различными ограничениями возможностей здоровья

Актуальность проблемы коммуникативной компетентности в контексте инклюзивной образовательной практики обусловлена ее существенным влиянием на социально-психологическую адаптацию студентов с ограничениями возможностей здоровья. Цель: изучить коммуникативную компетентность студентов с различным характером ограничений возможностей здоровья.

Social and Psychological Difficulties of Adaptation with the Schoolchildren in Inclusive Educational Environment

The article presents the results of research on peculiarities of adapta­tion in the physically challenged schoolchildren in inclusive education­al environment. The study shows that schoolchildren adaptation in the inclusive educational environment has specific social and psychologi­cal difficulties. Physically challenged children show decreased level of social and psychological adaptation and chose non-constructive adaptational strategies for coping with failures.

Modern Trends of Integration Process of Children with Disabilities into Public School System

This article covers main forms of integration of children with disabilities into public school environment.It also describes problems of modern stage of inclusive education development and possible ways to solve the problems.

Expert assessment method in studying the problem of forming a positive attitude to life in a family with a special child

Nowadays, the issues of organizing upbringing and education of a special child are acquiring particular relevance, which is undoubtedly an important factor in the development of institution of education in our country. The purpose of the study is to find effective methods for studying the problems of forming a positive attitude to life in a family with a special child.