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формирование компетенций

The Improving of Professional Competence of Teachers by the Tools of Computer Programs

The general application of computer technology and its software in the pedagogical activity, specifies the need for the more intensified study of the didactic possibilities of computer programs and in particular the programs of obshchepolzovatelskogo designation, in particular, packet MS Office. As practice shows, instructors and masters production instruction do not entirely realize the set of instruments of computer programs in the preparation of didactic material on I see their activity.

Methodological Aspects of Transition to a New Educational Process Organization

In this paper we explained the selection of methodological foundations of transition to a new educational process organization based on the understanding of the post-non-classical methodology features of pedagogical research. They do not lead to the elimination of methods and cognitive attitudes of classical and non-classical research methodology, but more clearly define their scope.

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