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Professional Mentality as a Dynamic Structure

The article presents methodology and methods of field study on the example of studying the professional mentality (PM). Purpose of the study: Analysis of typical conditions of scientific research work (SRW), connections between methods, recorded facts and properties of psychological objects. Methods: analysis of literary sources; observation, questionnaires, expert polls, psychodiagnostics, parametric methods of statistics. Hypotheses: 1. Research methods, revealed scientific facts, described properties of psychological objects are in a relationship of mutual conditioning. 2.

“Acme”: Space and Time of Manifestation of the Phenomenon

The article discusses the content of the phenomenon of “acme”, it identifies “open questions”, the lack of answers to which hinders its study (temporal parameters of acme, the degree and nature of integration of human qualities, uniqueness and stability of mental structures, the role of environment and the nature of involvement of human activity in the activities of social groups, etc.). The purpose of the article is to raise questions of searching for and identifying spatial and tempora parameters of how the phenomenon of “acme” is manifested.