Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Psychological Meaning of the Concept «School Adaptation»

The paper presents the findings of a theoretical analysis of the problem of school adaptation. It is demonstrated that school adaptation is an ongoing process, involving such fundamental changes in the person’s life as the change of activities and social environment. School adaptation is interpreted not only as a process of adaptation to effective functioning in an educational environment, but also as the person’s active exploration of the surrounding environment associated with his/her ability to develop psychologically, personally, and socially.

Psychological Well-Being of Students on the Stage of Adaptation To the University Educational Environment

The article discusses the problem of first-year students’ psychologi­cal well-being at the process of their adaptation to the educational environment in the beginning of staying at university on the new social position of student. From many factors influencing adaptation the au­thor discusses psychological well-being because dissatisfaction and psychological ill-being can lead to stress, depressive position, loss of interest to learning and in fine to deadaptation.