Three Definitions and Three Approaches to Study of Collaboration: in the Social, Organizational and Pedagogical Psychology

The causes for the relatively small exploring of the phenomenon of collaboration in comparison with the conflict are considered. An alternative approach to collaboration in terms of post-non-classical psychology (correspondence, selectivity, reciprocity) is suggested. Critical analysis of daily and philosophical representations of collaboration is carried out. Based on the APA Dictionary of Psychology, three different working definitions of collaboration for social, organizational and pedagogical psychology are given.

Didactic Potential of Oxford Tutorial

The goal of higher education individualization demands to study existing effective individual forms of teaching and to find ways of their implementation into Russian universities teaching and learning process. The research of a special teaching phenomenon – Oxford tutorial – allows eliciting its characteristic features and suggesting ways of its implementation. Modern authentic sources have been analyzed, Oxford university experienced tutors’ points of view have been synthesized, a classical tutorial definition is given.